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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Headed out to KD for possibly the last time in a while. It was pretty busy thanks to all the band/cheer competitions at the park, it being a Saturday, and the weather holding up. Overall I had a great time.

Delirium is a great addition to KD's ride lineup. Not as intense as I thought it would be, but a really fun ride nevertheless. Would be a little better if it spun more or had a longer ride cycle.

Volcano's flamethrower is back online after years of lying dormant. It doesn't erupt as often or as big as I remember, but its still neat. There's also a neat eruption sound effect in the mountain when the train launches (could just be the train hitting the second launch though). Never really noticed that before.

FOF opened late so the line was already long when I got in. Took about 30 mins to get through the line but it doubled later in the day. Crew was running a little slow as usual, making the wait seem longer than it should've been. Also the Presidential seal on the warehouse is starting to fall apart. KD needs to replace that. It looks awful.

Dominator needs a way to split the front row from all the other rows. The line for the front would be backed down the stairs and onto the bridge while you could walk right into the station if you wanted to sit anywhere else. All they need to do is continue the railing for the front into the station.

Grizzly crew was on point. Every time one train would roll out of the station, the next would be rolling in off the brake run. It was a 10 min wait but the way they were moving, it seemed faster. Send them to FOF or Windseeker please.

Windseeker crew is awful lol. 6 min dispatches every time. The queue house was full and spilling onto the midway so the line was nuts. Combine that with the long dispatches and you've got a terrible wait. Tried getting aerial shots of the ride but lost patience since the crew took so damn long.

Grizzly is running rougher than I remember. Might need a little smoothing out in the forested areas. Still worth riding for the view of the park at night. Wanted to hit 305 one more time for night rides but I ran out of time.

Americana is one of my new favorite rides in the park. Relaxing, has a great view, and a really long ride cycle. Even if the load times are a little slow, the ride easily makes up for it.

Overall a very successful day indeed.
305 - 5x
Rebel Yell - 4x
Dominator - 4x
Stunt Coaster - 2x
Grizzly - 2x
FOF - 1x
Volcano - 1x
Scooby Doo/Woodstock - 1x
Americana - 1x
Delirium - 1x
Windseeker - 1x
Eiffel Tower - 1x

Did a pit stop at the Best Western across from the park before coming in. Bathrooms need cleaning. Probably not as bad as the gross truck stop across the street but still.
Sep 30, 2015
You're not wrong on the Volcano sound. You can hear the train launch from the station, but I do believe they added the rumbling sound effect and the explosion sound when it exits the top. We always knew when it was coming. That upper support really sways when it comes out too. Fire effects were not running on Sunday (5/8).
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