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Apr 7, 2013
Quick trip down to Orlando for business / football. Made the first trip to SWO in 5 years. Just a few thoughts.

The two main highlights were Mako and O Wonderous Night. Mako was a nice solid coaster. Smooth, airtime, B&M. Very much like Apollo’s. Wonderous Night was likely the best (tied with Processional) show I have ever seen in a park. So amazingly well done.

As expected. Animal shows, Christmas lights, and Manta. All okay. Still love the unique flying inversion on Manta. Killer whale shows are obviously lacking now. Christmas area lights were nice (Sea of Trees has potential), but the overall amount of lights was much less than BGW (I realize it’s different, and they have BGT).

Questions. Not sure I agree with the investments being made with Antarctica and Infinity Falls. Just not great attractions. The new Penguin exhibit was nice being “open air”, but the non-ride line quickly approached 45 minutes (more on this later). The penguins needed a new home, but not sure it was the best way to do it. Infinity Falls was okay, nothing special, and broken 75% of the day. A water ride was a nice addition...but again now sure it’s worth the cost / trouble.

This park was more confusing (to get around) than I remember. Not sure how much Antarctica affected this. I realize they have a lot of large theatres, equipment, and water. Just an observation.

It was PACKED as expected. So this obviously affected my visit a little. Still did what I wanted, but it took some planning. Parking lot hit capacity by 3pm. Most of the Holiday shows had a 2 hour wait.

All in all, probably won’t return to SWO for another 5-10 years, depending on what changes they make.
Aug 23, 2017
Nice to see reviews from people outside the area. I know the weather has been up in the 80s but I.F. Is a great addition to handle the heat that we get in the summer. Beforehand all there was to do that was journey to Atlantis which would get crazy long lines.

Then you have the ac in Antarctica. It really is built as a summer park.

I haven’t been to the park since the 10th or so because I try to avoid the crowds. I was down in Tampa on Friday and that was pretty crazy as well. Generally speaking SeaWorld has actually been pretty ok with crowds. I feel as though many people go for the animals and that leaves the rides with shorter waits.
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