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Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
I worked at the park for quite a few years, so this is my first time as a "guest" since ancient times. Went with my son and grandson.

Arrived at 11a and traffic was somewhat heavy at the toll plaza. As we exited the booth I noticed the "exit" lanes were reversed for additional incoming traffic. BIG HINT - If they do that when you enter, get over to the far'll end up parking in France. We got a space in France 4. No trams!

Bag check was no big deal despite some crowds. However, some of the park security looked disjointed. Finally, a JCC cop directed us to an unused metal detector.

LNM was first in the agenda. Not much of a line. Queue was not playing up the theme stuff. No effects in the cave. We bought the ride photo as it was 3 generations riding her today! Repeating myself, I rode it the first day of operations back in '78; my son and grandson both first rode when they were tall enough. So pretty cool moment/ride.

We ate at Trappers. The team members there (most of them older) were the friendliest of all we encountered the entire day. Smiles all around and helpful. I had the combo. Brisket and ribs were fine, chicken was horrible.

Other than LNM we rode Verbolten and Apollo. Verbolten just confused me (as I posted in that thread). I knew there was a story, but it was hidden from me. Fast, stop, lights and howls, drop, fast. I guess it was cool when it opened.

Apollo was great. Except no theming, no canned stuff to get you hyped and no lift music. But, as I said, the ride itself was great. Had a bit of a delay as I believe one of the trains had been decorated with a previously eaten lunch. Had to send it through a couple times to dry it out. Lol.

Park was clean but a lot of obvious wear and tear everywhere. It's almost like they freshen things up before Spring opening and that's it. Chipped paint, sidewalks worn, signs and decor missing, etc. Even some of the HowlOScream decor looked worn. But, on a positive note, landscaping looked nice and fresh.

Now that I went with a different mindset, I agree Festa is the most disjointed part of the park. Hopefully they've a budget to redo the area with Pantheon opening. Doubtful though.

All in all, good day. Crowded but wait times were pretty fast. I'd go again. ?
I am pretty sure Apollo's Chariot had the lift music going on Sunday. I remember talking with my daughter about still being able to hear it on the parking lot as we left at 10:30pm and I recall hearing it when we were riding it around 1pm.

If it was off while you were riding it must have been a temporary thing.
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When I was in the park around 8:30 PM on Saturday, The lift music was on. We also had the scare actors on the ride, so it was hands down one of the best Apollo Rides I had ever been on.
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