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So about my trip to Knoebels from Saturday.......

This park. THIS PARK. Wow does this place deliver and more to what I was expecting. This honestly was the first time I went to an amusement park I have not been to since 2012 and what a great place to end that dry spell. I will be joining the choir of those that sing the praises of Knoebels because it is now my favorite amusement park by far. Sorry Busch Gardens Williamsburg you have been dethroned. There's just something about a place where there's no gates, cheap food, cheap rides, cheap souvenirs, classic rides, great roller coasters, cool things to do and in that setting that makes you happy. Also loved the singing pumpkin faces I happened to stumble on the ones by Phoenix when they were singing "This is Halloween."

Phoenix Rode it 5 times and it is safe to say this is the 2nd best wooden coaster I have ridden after El Toro. So fun and the 4 airtime hills in a row were just roller coaster heaven.

Twister Rode it twice the first time in the front during the day and that was wild, the double helix is phenomenal. Then the 2nd time at night in the pitch black at 45 degrees, what a rush.
Impulse Rode it 4 times and this ride is cool, it's not the quality of Phoenix and Twister but it's a great ride for Knoebels to have as it scratches the Steel Coaster with Inversions itch very well with lap bars only and hangtime. I was worried about not being able to fit for weeks and it was actually the most comfortable coaster by far and I had no issues whatsoever (the seat dividers on Phoenix and Twister though probably limited how much I wanted to re-ride those).

Flying Turns Rode once because the line was sloooooooooooooow. This ride was really fun and cool and I was really getting up on the sides on that trough it was a blast me and my family members all got on one train so it was really cool.

Flyer Rode it 3 times and if I am being honest I think I've only gotten Flying Scooters to really snap once and it was at Kings Dominion. I only had a couple hard swings on it back then.............but then I rode this insane ride. As soon as I attempted to snap as this thing picked up speed it worked and I did it over and over and over and over the entire ride sometimes coming in inches of the trees seemingly. The cables made a few scary noises here in there while I was on it but man snapping cables really turns a calm relaxing ride into a blast. I just love the feeling when you feel the wind catch your car and you know you're about to be launched out. New favorite flat by far.

Haunted Mansion this was a very cool dark ride and its impressive how much care they put into this ride. THAT horn actually got me pretty good it definitely is a pretty intense little haunted house ride in terms of scares, it's also pretty long. Definitely a classic.

Black Diamond This was just................weird. I thought it was unique very interesting. Not something I am going to be rushing into line to ride ever again unless I am there with somebody whose never been though.

We also rode Super Round-Up, the Skooters (these were so fun), and the Cosmotron (which is my favorite Himalaya ride ever with the notable exception of the Caterpillar from the old Myrtle Beach Pavillion) . My nephew, cousin, aunt and uncle rode Looper as well while I rode Flyer again since I didn't feel like trying to climb into those hamster wheels and be held in by a strap. I did not unfortunately get to sample as much food as I wanted but we did go to Cesari's Pizza and that pizza was delicious. Dinner we had chicken and waffles from the stand near the alamo and they were...........disappointing but that was the only low light of the day. All in all that place is amazing and I want to be there forever. I can't wait to go back. Knoebels is officially my favorite amusement/theme park. Also Phoenix is my new #3 roller coaster the airtime hills at the end were some of the best airtime I have ever experienced.


Sep 23, 2009
There's just something about a place where there's no gates, cheap food, cheap rides, cheap souvenirs, classic rides, great roller coasters, cool things to do and in that setting that makes you happy.


That is the actual magic behind Knoebels. It's a pleasant, happy, relaxing place that makes you forget about the world outside the valley. It's not the best park, it doesn't have the best rides, it doesn't have the best food, and it certainly doesn't have the best clientele or nicest staff, but Knoebels proves that you don't need to top the charts in any of those categories to deliver a truly great experience.
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