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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
I know we're only a little more than halfway through 2012 but some of us are already almost done with their trips for this year, or are wrapping up. I've got college classes starting up soon so I'm pretty much on the bench until next year, doesn't make a difference to me because I can at least plan trips for next summer.

So far my list goes as follows, by distance from my house:

-Six Flags America
-King's Dominion
-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-Six Flags Great Adventure
-Morey's Piers
-Dorney Park
-Carowinds (planned for 150th credit)
-Cedar Point
-Walt Disney World

Do you have any major plans for next year? Taking it easy? Got a big trip in the works? This thread can be the planning board for that!
I know this is for 2013, but the only big trip i have planned so far, is just Orlando/Tampa the first week of october. I love the rush of fear pass (HHN for 10 nights for only $70!!) and the 4/$100 deal on thursdays at BGT for HOS.

We're also doing the KD ECB for TPR next saturday August 4th.

I'd really like to make it out to the following parks next year in this priority:

-Holiday World
-SF (chicago)
I'm going to Dollywood in 2 weeks and next year I plan on visiting BGW for the first time in 3 years and maybe SFA. Not sure about SFA but I will visit BGW for sure and the typical Kings Dominion also.
I bought 2 year passes for BGW&WC and season passes for Jamestown & CW so I know where we will be going. Going to try and come back for HS sometime mid October. Disney world is a couple years out & we'd like to go to Dolly World sometime.
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