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Jul 18, 2015
Orlando fl.
Going to SeaWorld Orlando for the first time? Want to know which rides to hit up first? well you have come to the right place! This thread is dedicated to answering your questions about SeaWorld trips! Feel free to put your questions here about an upcoming SeaWorld trip and I or many of the ParkFans members will most likely have an answer for you!
Hey Eric. Thinking about a quick day trip (driving up from Miami) on Tuesday, November 29. Any thoughts on crowd levels? Looks like Ill only have about five hours. Do you think thats enough time to hit all the rides? Not a fan of the shows.
I'm sure the crowds won't be too bad at all that day since it is a weekday and schools are in, but since it is during there Christmas celebration(only on select days, polar express will probably still be open that day), I would recommend you ride the Polar express during or before the killer whale show, after that show ends everyone flocks to to the Polar express and makes a long wait.

For the coasters, I really don't think you'll have much of a problem, the longest wait you usually have is on manta(i hour tops on weekends), so if your coming in the morning I would ride that first, every time I have been to SeaWorld recently mako and Kraken have had very little wait, since Kraken isn't too popular and mako has a really good capacity.

Also, if Empire of the penguins has little to no wait(typically only in the morning), sure, go for it, but if it has a line it's really not worth waiting in, and even on slow days, it has a line that moves super slow. There is a separate line if you just want to see the penguins though that's usually shorter

The sky tower and journey to Atlantis will probably be closed during that time. Journey to Atlantis closes every winter for a refurbishment and the sky tower... Well... I don't know why but it's been closed for 3 months straight and I don't expect it to open for thr rest of the year.

Even on weekends I only spend 2-4 hours there and I usually get to ride everything. So im sure 5 hours will be enough, especially on a weekday.
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Sea World never gets crowded. I went Christmas day last December and the lines outside of Antarctica and JTA were pretty manageable. Just be sure to hit up the rides during showtimes for minimal waits.

This year I've gone to the park about 4 times now and the lines haven't been bad at all.
Two thoughts:

1. I really love Empire of the Penguins. Is it a thrill ride? No. But it is supposed to be a creative merger of a dark ride and an animal exhibit. The penguins are amazing. It is the one attraction I never skip.

2. SeaWorld in fact gets very crowded, especially during the holidays. Thank said, 29 November shouldn't be too bad. If you get there and the lines are long, consider QuickQueues. They are relatively cheap at SeaWorld.
Nicole said:
 If you get there and the lines are long, consider QuickQueues.  They are relatively cheap at SeaWorld.
completely forgot about that, the QQ unlimited is only 19 dollars for all the rides (except Mako) which is actually a really good deal for busy days.( There is a Mako one time QQ but i wouldnt recommend it, I've seen so many people pay 25 dollars for it and the ride only had a 10 minute wait, even on weekends)
Last time we were there they told us our regular QQ worked for Mako too. Apparently, they had just changed it.
Antarctica is a rather long wait for such a short attraction. It's cute but I personally wouldn't wait more than 15-20 mins for it. The park has opened up a separate queue for people who would rather bypass the 60-90 min waits and go straight to the exhibit so if you'd rather do that, I'd recommend that instead. Its usually half the wait in the regular queue.
Howdy! Does anyone know if the All-Day Dining pass can be used in the new (since my last visit) pass member lounge? Also, I see they state you can charge your phone there. Does that mean they have outlets you can use, or actual chargers?

They have lockers for your phone with connectors to charge it. I think they may also have outlets on the wall.

I have never gotten the All Day Dining, but I doubt you can use it on the snacks in the lounge, and I just checked and the Terrace Bar is not on the list either.

They do have a free Coke Freestyle machine, however.
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There have been many changes to The Terrace in the past year or so. It's currently set up as a cafeteria style deli adjacent to passmembers lounge. Picked up a mile-high corned beef sandwich, side and drink on the passmember meal plan there today after work. Rang up $0, so I suspect all day would work there too.
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