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Oct 7, 2011
Virginia Beach
Since, I've made quite a few threads on each one of my different cinematic or slow motion coaster videos, I decided to make a thread for all of them where I will post new videos each time I make one!
Q: What camera and editing software do I use?
A: Canon T3i/600d; Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
[Will update as more questions are asked frequently]​
How YOU can help!
-Leave feedback stating the video and then critique
Ex: BGW Cinematic Coasters
Could have exposed the footage better​
-Suggest what rides I should tape and how I should do it (slow motion, cinematic, mixed)
-SUBSCRIBE! it costs nothing and you get to be notified when I make new videos!
NOTE: Yes I will add KD videos to this thread to prevent redundancy in the KD forum.
NOW, on to the good stuff, THE VIDEOS!
Thread bumpage.

I haven't made a BGW park video akin to the ones linked above in quite some time, and that's about to change! I recently updated my camera hardware, and I now have 4K and 1080P slow motion capabilities, so you can bet on at least a couple new slow motion and cinematic by the summer time!

Edit: I can also drive now, so frequent park visits are definitely in the pipeline.
I don't know if this is the right thread, but I also want to make videos part of my "new season resolutions". Granted, I can't quite compete with what Trevor posted a while ago as far as slow-mo film. However, I want to experiment more with shows as (hopefully) allowed by the park.

^Also, good luck! I can't wait to see new footage.
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