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Dec 23, 2011
The Travel Channel is doing a bit on the park and will be filming. That is what the filming at Apollos Chariot was yesterday.
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They didn't tell us the name of the show, someone mentioned Extreme thrill rides but I don't know for sure if that's right. We were at Apollo from 6 am until about 10 or so. They did Alpengeist on Friday. They are actually doing numerous parks over the next several weekends.
redsoxfan787 said:
When will they show it? I got off of alpengeist Friday and saw them filming

My guess would be not till late summer or early fall. Maybe even later.
Just saw this on the park's facebook page:

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Haberdasher1973 said:
Just saw this on the park's facebook page:


I remember them. I believe they got married on AC back in 2000. It was covered by all the local TV news and newspapers.
Found this on Screamscape:

General News - (4/24/12) The Travel Channel will be showing off a couple of new shows this summer of interest to theme park fans. One is called Xtreme Waterparks and it will premier Sunday, July 8th at 8pm (EST/PST) as they seek out the world’s most over the top water slides.
The other is called Insane Coaster Wars, which will also premier on Sunday, July 8th at 9pm (EST/PST), in a series that not only seeks out the best coasters, but invites thrill seekers to vote in an interactive online poll to vote for their favorite coasters in each episode. The finale episode of the season will count down the Top 10 coasters from the season with the most votes.
Site is now up where you can vote on the coasters...
Episode one will feature Apollo's Chariot in one catagory and Alpengiest in another catagory
VOTE for them!!!!!
Haberdasher1973 said:
Just saw this on the park's facebook page:


Haha, that's Dan and Janis Biggerstaff! I've seen them at KD.

While that is really nerdy, they are actually really nice people. Not the kind of stuck-up nerdy coaster enthusiasts that I'm so tired of running into, lol.
Man the rides they chose to be in G-Force is a bit of a joke. I don't mind Afterburn being in there but Medusa and Sheikra are confusing picks for a High G-Forces category. Afterburn also would've made a great pick for Hang 'em High over Aftershock.

I'm interested in Voyage vs. El Toro and how they're going to determine that outcome, Thunderhead and Beast are not going to win.
From what I heard, there were "scheduling conflicts" with some parks, so they couldn't get a lot of coasters in there. I think SFMM was left out, and KD too.
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