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Isn't this New France? Where did you get Trapper's Village from? Also the reason for posting here was because I saw an old picture from 2003 with an archway and a sign saying 'Fort New France'. It is so sad how they don't have that anymore.
And, being the stuck-up elitists that Shane and I are, we decided to go with the most obscure name for the hamlet possible. :p

In all seriousness though, Trapper's Village and Fort New France are both acceptable area names for the hamlet- we just like Trapper's Village better.
You know, for all of my blasé attitude on this forum about theming, I have to admit I have never really understood what French Canada is doing in BGW (and that isn't just because my mother is English Canadian).

It is similar to my reaction to the kangaroos and wallabies in BGT. I love the exhibit; it is in fact one of my favorite attractions and always the first place I go, when I get to the park. But every time I get to Walkabout Way I can't helping thinking to myself, "there are no kangaroos in Africa."

Similarly, I love the Smokehouse. It is my favorite place to eat in the park, and if they got rid of it I would be very sad and probably a bit hungry. But I still can't quite get past the cognitive dissonance I feel, when I enter Quebec (or where ever it is supposed to be) in the middle of Busch Gardens Europe.
I totally agree with you Nic. It doesn't fit at all, but it is one of those things, "It's been there since the park opened..."

I will say this. Had AB not been bought by In-Bev and the parks stayed in the hands of the Busch Family, this hamlet would not have stayed French Canadian for much longer. I know it was in the works to get the "Hastings/Ireland Treatment."
Any idea what it would have become? Wouldn't they have to find a way to incorporate a log flume and bbq into the new area?
I myself rather enjoy this area, be it New France/Trapper's/Canada, whatever. My rationale (for me at least) is that the French expanded their claims out into the New World in what would become North America. These colonies were located up in Canada, the Caribbean islands, and even some in South America. New France in BGW works for me in that respect. The Log Flume Le Scoot fits in just fine (my favorite ride)! I even get the whole pirates theme this HOS. If it doesn't work as others have tried to argue as "Italian Pirates" or whatever, it could take the Trapper's route and just be like a French colony in the Caribbean. That being said, if you are willing to except this as a premise, how far out until we see BGW Brazil? :p
Obviously, this really isn't a major issue, but as long as I have committed myself to the debate...

The logic that Quebec is a French Colony and therefore politically part of the French Empire and by extension subject to the French state, seems compelling on the surface, but is, I think, a slippery slope.

European empires ruled large sections of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. If we are willing to say that Canada makes logical sense, the we might as well have Vietnam, Egypt, and Cuba (as random examples) in Busch Gardens Europe.

Or, if we choose to limit ourselves to colonies that were inhabited mostly by European transplants (as opposed to those that were merely subject European powers, like India), then we are still implying that Australia, parts of Latin America, and most of North America belong in BGW.

Given how many European states are not represented in BGW, I'm not sure what the value is in including colonies, anyway. If it had been up to me, back in the day, they would have added Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, Belgium, etc, long before resorting to Canada.
chickenking said:
Good job!! Now you see the direction of the park. Excellent logic!!

BTW, my comment was not intended as part of a debate, merely rationale for myself only. :p

Foreign affairs is sorta my thang.

BTW, a good way to irritate a Canadian is to refer to the country as "Canadia." My brother and I do this to my mother all the time! It drives her bonkers!
I believe rumors were floating around the New France was going to be transformed into Switzerland, which when it comes down to theming, they would only need to rename things, add fake snow and the such, give it that wintry Switzerland feeling, add the flags and such across the place.

They wouldn't need to do a whole lot as far as structural work goes, just add on a few things here and there, new shop names and the like.

But as much as New France doesn't fit, it just feels like it should. maybe every park, regardless of theme should have a log cabin themed area :p
So, when I think of Switzerland, neither log flumes nor bbq spring quickly to mind. Alpengeist would work, but that is hardly relevant.

I'm not saying you are wrong that it was discussed; I have no way of knowing. I am just scratching my head at the logic.
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