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Sep 22, 2010
Me and the wife ate there saturday and i have to say it was horrible :mad:

Ribs were nothing but fat and was like chewing bubble gum
cornbread was like a brick

We went up to the cashier and the lady got us a new order of what was really bad on our order but it still wasnt good at all.

Just wanted to posted up and give everybody a heads up we will not be going back there again.
Call the park and complain. I ran into the same thing once last year. There's no excuse for it when you pay 10 to 15 bucks for a plate of food.
There was a girl on Twitter complaining about the ribs. She posted pics. Small portions, not much meat. Said she got a refund. Hope that's not a trend there. Smokehouse is usually on the money.
TS is hit or miss. It is either beyond on point or extremely terrible. Guess yesterday was the latter. Call the park.
They were probably just getting rid of the food left over from last year :p
I have to say i got the farmers feast at the festhaus and it was great no complaining at all, except maybe for the cartoon like stage.
Just as a tip... if you get the ribs in Trappers, really look at what they give you. If they don't look good or meaty enough, ask them if they have any in better shape. They may give you a funny look for a second, but they will do it. If they don't have any better, then get something else. I have no trouble being "That guy" at BGW. I spend enough money there I feel completely justified.
If you call the 1800 number and complain they will give you either your money back or meal vouchers. I didn't like the new buffet at LaCucina and the people were very rude and smart a$$ this one day I was sent 2 meal vouchers for another restaurant in the park. Also Trappers Smokehouse you just tell them you want another piece better and they will do it. I've done it for the piece of chicken they give you tried to give me something that looked like just a wing I was like can I get another piece out of the million pieces in that container you flipped over thank you. ;) ;) lol
I ate there one time and it sucked so bad. I remember the first time I had food from there and it was the most amazing thing ever.... now eating there is like... bland unflavored meat with little smoke flavor.
Trapper's has seem to become extremely hit or miss. I USUALLY eat there every trip there (once a week or so). Eating there that much you really see the high and low.
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well ate for the 1st time today at trappers and let me say I was not impressed with the ribs at all. Besides being very bland tasting, the ribs were cold and quite overcooked. I definitely expected much better for the price. Will have to try again in the future to make sure I just didnt catch them on a bad day.
From what I've heard, Trappers really isn't that good... the smell draws a lot of people in, but the food is really not that great... That's why I eat at the festhouse or in italy... much better food
Most of this thread is from last season. I ate regularly at TS last season and never had a bad meal. I do prefer the baby back ribs to the spare ribs. The spare ribs tend to have more fat.
TS is VERY hit or miss. I usually eat there ~15/20 times per season and I will have a bad meal 3-5 times AT MOST. It is still my go to eatery. It kills Italy's all frozen and canned food with overcooked noodles.
I've had Trapper's once or twice each visit (I stay for atleast 5 days) for the last 5 or so years, never had a bad set of ribs from them but I've seen and heard others complaining. Wonder what it will be like in 2012, anyone know if they have any new offerings?
RE: Trappers Smokehouse

Pretty interesting thing happened at the park today. I had planned on eating at Trapper's for lunch but when I got there, it was completely shut down because of a grease fire in the kitchens. Apparently, they have a system in place so that in case of a grease fire, powder is dumped on the entire place, which I guess soiled the food. Kind of a bummer because Trapper's is always my go-to place for lunch.
It seemed like it jacked up their system pretty bad; not something you see everyday at the park.
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