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Feb 14, 2019
I couldn't find a thread just for this, though I know the BG Railway has been discussed around other threads in good detail.

I'm thinking of 2 different ideas with this one though they could theoretically be implemented at the same time:

-A permanent immersive story that unfolds as you ride.
-Reverse the direction they travel, add in a new station at FHP, and build a new maintenance area for the FHP station designed for the new direction of travel.

Since the second idea had been mostly discussed and dismissed as too costly, I don't have much further to add at this point.

However, the immersive story could take elements of stories native to the countries you travel through (and presumably tie to a given ride story from that hamlet) and present them in a somewhat cohesive manner.

Black Forest mystery for the German hamlets (VB reference) once you cross the Rhine into FHP, mystical creatures from Caribou to Tweedside (Griffon, LNM), and classic legends for the trip from Tweedside to the Rhine bridge (EfP, AC, and MMXX assuming it fits within that sphere).

I would think there would be minimal need for sets and or props though a few could be in use, most of the story would be through the audio system.

An enhancement to this would be using some sort of AR setup where people could point their phones and see the story unfolding that way without needing goggles or whatever.
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