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pandorazboxx said:
seems to be some bad blood there. haha

It's not exactly bad blood when we don't exist in their eyes. It's this way with every community that they don't have their paws in.
Not to mention Alvey is the world's biggest tool but that's a story for another time.
So, went on Intimidator for the first time this past weekend. I only rode it a couple times, but I don't really understand why everyone is making this their new #1 coaster.

I liked the awesome drop. I hated the almost blacking out on the first turn. Subsequently I didn't really enjoy that first hill. I loved the two smaller hills. I didn't particularly like the jarring quick turns. (I would have preferred how intamin did the little hopping turns at cheetah hunt) I did love the speed on that ride. Don't think i've ever ridden a ride that fast.

I had more fun though on Dominator and Volcano. I'd probably put those two (in that order) before I305 at the park.

And I don't think I'll ever ride Rebel Yell ever again. The whole time I just felt my spine getting compressed. I think I came off the ride a 1/2" shorter.

Grizzly was great though. It has that wooden coaster roughness without paralyzing me.

I actually had a lot of fun just playing Boo Blasters. Unfortunately half of the dang guns don't work.
My reason I like it so much is because I like the intensity and being thrown around. With the speed the forces the transitions, and the height of the ride make it one of my favorites.
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