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I have found the trailer for the attraction.

Meet Turbo Teddy, the world’s best toy car racer!
He challenges you for an upcoming race in a brand new car.
You think winning this race is child’s play?
Then you better get well prepared for this weird adventure:
Kids in this playroom look like GIANTS, and they will be playing with YOU!
This 3D/4D film is aimed at a family audience in theme parks and science centers.
Duration: 8min47sec

I'm glad to see something new in Action Theater. You would think the park would promote it a bit on social media or their website.
I have never seen a movie in the Action Theater so I don't know what was standard, but at least during my showing, there were zero effects. I expected some vibration or water or something (parts of the film were CLEARLY designed to use said effects), but it was just a 3D film. Is that normal for Action Theater?
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