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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
As the 2014 season comes to an end its time to take a look back at some of the best additions to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. 2014 was an excellent year for the park with a whole plethora of new additions and changes to the park. Every time I went to the park it was a new experience around every corner and bend. Let's take a walk down memory lane and remember some incredible additions and changes.

New countries added to Food & Wine Festival
 The highly successful Food & Wine Festival made a triumphant third return in 2015 with the addition of two new countries that the guest decided upon. Many were skeptical about how American Southwest and Caribbean themed booths would fit into a European themed park. Luckily, both booths slid into New France and Germany beautifully without disrupting the atmosphere. This experiment of adding booths from other countries into European themed park went over well with the general public and fans and leads a new path for Food & Wine Festival to explore.

New Italy Dining Deck
 Observing the Rhine River boats below pass by while eating delectable Italian pretty much sums up this new deck. This new seating area gives guest who don't want to watch the show Mix it Up the option to eat there food in peace and have a gorgeous view of the Rhine River. The deck also comes in handy on the crowded summer days when the Il Teatro DI San Marco is packed to the walls and out of seating room. The little things like this that give the guest more than one option really help to make a positive experience at the park.

Le Scoot Year 3 Renovation
 This classic Log Flume opened up with the park in 1975 and has been going on a renovation for three years now starting in 2012. For 2014 the park took out all of the fiber glass pieces and the metal grates that hold the ride in place and are refurbishing them in Festhaus Park. It was a shocking surprise for many to come across the bridge connecting New France to Germany to see Le Scoot covered in scaffolding and missing the flume. Le Scoot is a much loved attraction by all who enter the gate to Busch Gardens and with this renovation being completed Le Scoot will be live and well for years to come!

Land of the Dragons Refurbishment
 Back in 2013 when I walked through Land of the Dragons I swear I heard a dragon say "I need new paint." I guess he said it with a mighty dragon roar because the park responded with a refurbishment for the 20th anniversary. Everything in the area had a distinct pop of color due to a much needed paint job that gave a very fresh look to the area. A refurbishment gave new life to the brook with water buckets, the return of the jumping geysers, and improved the rock work in the area. There was also many small improvements that really helped with previous problems like drainage in the eggs, moving the plumbing system out of the parents seating area view, and more shade structures than I could count. Plus, they added a show to the Land of the Dragons theater. Scaly Tales: Myths Understood which educated guest about reptiles and other critter through close up hands on experiences. All of this really brought the roar back into Land of the Dragons.

Revitalization of the Globe Theater
 For 20 years the Globe Theater was dormant of actors showing 4-D films that were extremely cheesy and rarely managed to pull in a crowd. Busch Gardens Williamsburg decided to return live actors to the Globe along with a bit of an upgrade. The park went above and beyond to bring some incredible technology to the Globe with video mapping projections, scents, and a breathtaking sound system. All of this technology can completely change the look of the theater with a mere push of a button. The technology that was brought into the Globe leaves a promising future for the technological aspect of the park.
 2014 was one of my favorite seasons I've ever experienced at the park. Every visit felt very differentiated as to how they played out. Some were focused around dining around countries of the world. Others were focused around surviving a curse through my deepest darkest fears. Sure there was no new ride to showcase or new country but what was done this year really made each visit worthwhile and made me curious as to which what happen during my next journey. I appreciate your time reading this and 2015 looks to be a fantastic year with the 40th celebration of Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Auf Wiedersehen!
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