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Aug 16, 2012
So I have three Unlimited Member plans and a 3 year old (4 on Dec 1). During the spring/summer we used the Preschool Pass. And Hallowscream we had a free one with our membership program for last Saturday (left before the event started). Is there an offer for a free ticket for Unlimited Members for Christmas Town? Also our EZ pay ends in March, does that mean when it renews we have to pick, again, a new plan?
I believe you get one free guest ticket per pass in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter. The preschool pass does not count as one of your free tickets. Since you get 3 free guest tickets for fall and winter, and you used one for HOS, you should have 2 free guest tickets remaining. Please keep in mind that you'll need to redeem these free tickets with their associated passes! So if you used your pass for the HOS ticket, you'll need the other two people to claim their free ticket.
Unlimited Members get 2 free tickets per year (each one having a specific time period to be used) plus monthly reward tickets; you would need to visit the kiosk on your next visit and scan each membership card to see what rewards or free tickets are left.

No, when it renews it does just that renews. Same plan, same payment. It just keeps going and going until you cancel.
I’m pretty sure you can only check at a park kiosk. I have not been able to find a list that of what I have used on-line.
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