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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
So, all of the speculation about what will replace Star Spangled Nights got me thinking today: why does BGW need to do fireworks at all?  There are places all over to see them for free.  Then my brother mentioned that the Blue Angels are doing an air show this week at Oceana in Virginia Beach, and I had an idea for a more interesting (in my opinion) replacement event.

Since Langley AFB is fairly close to BGW, it occurred to me that maybe the park could work with them to bring in the Thunderbirds for July 4th weekend.  An air show would be a lot more unusual than fireworks, and potentially less expensive (?not sure?), while still being patriotic. In addition, there would be less need for an overlay, which would leave the park in it natural state for more of the season (an issue that has been raised repeatedly on this Forum).

BGW could also bring back and tie in the old military recognition events.  Perhaps they could offer special discounts and perks to military families throughout July, and have a special viewing area for them during the air show, itself?  They could also bring back the military salute bridge theming between San Marco and Octoberfest.

I think Tidewater has the right demographic for a military-oriented event, and it would make more sense than WWII-themed hot dogs.

Anyway, just my random thought...
I think this is an amazing idea.  At work the base is getting ready for the annual airshow.  For many folks in VA Beach this is something they look forward to each year.  When it was CAN-EX during sequestration there was a rather loud out cry.  (well as loud as people get in VB over such things)

For those of us who work at NAS Oceana it is a royal pain in the rear, but at some point this week I will get a front row seat to watch the Blue Angels rehearse.  Given my proximity to the airstrip that means two things, unusually low aircraft (ULAs) and Unusually loud noises (ULNs)

Still the whole thing brings a great deal of attention to the air base and good will.

I am sure the Air Force's annual equivalent is as anticipated on the other side of the water.   I don't know if they get the Thunderbirds like we get the Angels each year but if they do, and it could be integrated with the park, that would be amazing!

As long as we are talking about it, go here to get info on the NAS Oceana Air Show happening this weekend.
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Gavin said:
That would be amazing, but I fear Kingsmill would think otherwise. :(

I thought about the same sound issue, but they got away with fireworks all summer, and perhaps they could get Kingsmill on board for one night?
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Biggest problem with this is no airport close by. Langley is too far away. It's at least a 5 minute flight and if there was anything mechanically wrong that would not be good. Not to mention with air shows they work best in wide open spaces. That's another reason you always see them at airports. Your view is unobstructed. BGW is just too big an area with limited visibility.
I seen the blue angels this past year when they came to Maryland. It was a great show and i think something like Nicole described with be awesome. I think anything is better than WWII hot dogs and cheesy decor.
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