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For any avid water drinkers out their like myself, in the long, lonesome stretch of overcrowded places to grab some H20 between Ireland and Germany, Three Rivers Snacks is probably the most clutch spot for some nice hydration. Powerful A/C and a short interior line lead to a free holy grail in those brutal summer months.
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Didnt they have like a 3 rivers smokehouse

Three Rivers was, in fact, known as Three Rivers Smokehouse, back when there was a smaller snack stand called Mackinak Cafe in front of where Trapper's Smokehouse now stands. The popularity of the barbecue led to the addition of Trapper's in 2003, which I would guess is when Three Rivers became a snack stand.
I heard that they used to have charred ribs and peanuts like at Five Guys. They also had fried zucchini instead of fried pickles. When Trapper’s Smokehouse opened, they had grilled salmon. I really miss that.
To be fair, mine is a roast not smoked. That is not to say I do not want to try to smoke one, I just do not have a smoker.
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