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Apr 1, 2010
These are an interesting read. In comparison from someone outside the forums as the "GP", to what the park was and is, and their views on the park and what they thought. For me, it is like a litmus test of opinions expressed on these forums. The "outside" perspective is interesting. doesn't take a BGWFan to have dissent with the changes.

The Old Country 2004, Part One.

The Old Country 2004, Part Two.

then 10 years later...

Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2014
Mildly off-topic to the conversation at hand but.... I've never had a problem with Day's Hotel over by Water Country. That's my "go-to" in the event I cant stay at the Marriott in Ford's Colony.

On topic note. The food is the biggest thing in my mind that has fallen off, and i'm glad they saw that as well. I don't get to make as many trips to the park as I used to, but it's sad that every time I go I feel the food gets worse.
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