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Aug 9, 2010
I just returned from a 9 day trip to Disney World and we had a great time. To me what separates Disney apart from others is the theming. I will go back in a few years when my kids reach that magical height, but until then we will have great times at BGW. Once we got home from the 12 hour drive I asked my kids how much fun they had and both told me they loved it, but their favorite was Busch Gardens. I thought about it and feel the same way. Williamsburg has a great park in BGW for me and the kids, and great history in York, James and Colonial for my wife. I have said since my first trip that I would move to Williamsburg instantly if I could find a lateral job, but in my line of work it would be almost impossible. I still feel that way today. I'm 5 hours away, but BGW will always be the park I consider home. I just wanted to let all of you locals know how much I envy you.:)
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