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ParkFans Founder
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Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
I just wanted to toss this into discussion since the Mantis thread seems to have several points related to improvements of other coasters at CP other than Mantis, including Mean Streak. I am sure there are others. I have heard from friends that have been to CP that there are a lot of rough and painful rides. So What would you do to improve a specific coaster, who would you bring in to make the improvement. To facilitate fruitful discussion, suggestions of just tearing a ride down are not permitted.

For Mean Streak, I think it would be interesting to bring in RMC to do a total Topper Track refurbishment. SixFlags has experimented with installed Topper Track on portions of their rougher roller coasters and they have gone as far as to totally convert their extremely rough ones with Iron Horse. I would like to see an application that only includes retracking an entire traditional wood roller coaster with topper track which would preserve the integrity of the wood coaster.
Don't forget Tremors basically helped RMC successfully design and implement their Topper Track system as Silverwood was the hipster park that literally used RMC before it was cool. Hell I think it's thanks to Silverwood that El Toro even exists in it's form, let alone NTG, Iron Rattler, Outlaw Run, etc.

On topic I think Mean Streak would be the perfect first RMC for Cedar Fair as a chain. Cedar Fair doesn't have many woodies from before the GCI era that could really benefit from a new refresh that RMC can do, Ghostrider is the only other one that comes to my mind. Most of them can really feel new with a Topper Tracking, but Iron Horsing them doesn't seem reasonable.
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