What kind of videos do you enjoy most?

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Sep 29, 2009
I want to ask everybody about interest in future videos of theme parks so that members here can get ideas for creating create park related videos that other ParkFans members like. Are full walkthrough videos something that people find interesting (30 minutes or so), or is that too much? Also, would it be best with or without narration/commentary? I typically enjoy the videos that feel like you are joining someone entertaining to enjoy the park, like the Timtracker, but I would like to know how everyone else feels. You may choose up to two answers if you want.

Edit: For clarification, this thread is to inspire everyone to create videos, not just for my channel.
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Hanging out with people would be fun. I haven't been on camera yet, but I have done narrations, trying to be fair and professional in my criticisms. Everyone has a different personality, though, and I feel like that's one of the reasons I enjoy some videos more than others. Some people may not even have my favorite personality, but at least they are fun to watch. The only thing I don't like much in a video is the annoying type. Already I think I can do with more jokes to add to the inviting atmosphere of the show. Thanks, guys, this is very helpful.
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I feel like you could get away with doing all of it tbh. BGW isn't covered as a park unlike Disney and Universal which Tim Tracker covers often. You could do it in the way like he's currently showing World Showcase in EPCOT, but you could also do it the iThemePark does it and just walk through the whole park with no narration. Or do both, there's likely an audience out there for both, and covering it both way would get more people's attention.

Vlogging experiences at the park is also a valid option too. Though I find that to be more difficult. If you go often just to hang out with friends its easier because they're there to bounce off of, and somebody might notice something funny or interesting to work with. While going solo would be more going along the lines of "I'm here for a specific reason." Vlogging isn't easy to do at all. But it certainly would get easier over time the more you do it. Being in front of the camera is hard. But it's not required either. (Speaking from experience here. I've done a couple of BGW vlogs, most of which have since been deleted because I was EMBARRASSING.)

But I certainly think there's an audience for that sort of content that doesn't cover Disney or Universal. The absolute hardest part is getting your content out there and being noticed, while fighting Youtube's weird demands.
Here is a video of WinterFest. This is a new camera, but I only noticed after filming the video that it's not that great at taking videos. I will try to use a better one next time, but this is still experimental. Next time I want to film one at night.
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Just as a general warning to everyone...

As long as this remains a general discussion about theme park vlogging, it is fine. If it becomes more obviously market research for one specific channel, however, it will be in violation of our rules.

Please refrain from going down the road of proving specific feedback to a single person about a particular site.

That makes sense. I updated my original post to include that. I enjoy sites that have video reviews and I think it would be cool to have that here.
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