Theme Park Podcasts

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big ol nerd
May 30, 2011
Does anyone have any recommendations for good theme park podcasts? I've tried CoasterRadio and Podcast: The Ride, but neither really scratch the itch for me. CoasterRadio's format isn't for me, and Podcast: The Ride is almost entirely Disney/Universal focused. I like Defunctland a lot, but those are far and few between, and it'd be great to have a more frequent theme park podcast to listen to!
Sep 20, 2013
My absolute favorite coaster podcast is definitely In The Very Loop. Very funny group of guys and the line up of hosts usually change making each episode very different. Another pod that’s similar to ITL, ParkStop, is definitely worth a listen. Another great pod is Inside Universal Radio if you’re looking for hyped specific content on Universal and Disney.
Jul 31, 2016
Southern Va
Didn’t we already try to organize one and fail to make anything of it? I remember asking about making a podcast with some forum members awhile back
Jul 18, 2015
Orlando fl.
Coasternet Uncut is pretty good. They always seem to touch on interesting topics and they have some shenanigans on their too.
Also, for like Disney(and Universal), DIS unplugged is pretty cool too.
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Apr 9, 2013
I'm going to be painfully honest: I have yet to hear a good theme park or coaster based podcast especially when it comes to current attractions and parks*. I've pretty much stopped trying to get into any of the few out there because they're all terrible.

*Defunctland is the only channel/cast worth checking out but it's very niche and as the name implies, mostly covers attractions no longer standing.


𝓡oyal 𝓜ango 𝓒réme Frappuccino Survivor
Sep 23, 2009
Newport News, VA
Running a great podcast is really hard. Finding someone with the ability to do so who also has the depth of knowledge and connections pertaining to a single park required to facilitate talking about it on a consistent basis is damn near impossible. Even if you do find that pairing in a host, you only actually end up with a podcast about one park—meaning that your audience is exceedingly niche. Such a small audience likely doesn't justify the time and energy investment that a podcast requires.

When I catch wind of a podcast covering news I publish to BGWFans, I'll sometimes give the episode a listen so I know how the news is being relayed and received by parts of the enthusiast community outside of my immediate bubble. Unfortunately, I almost always come away thinking one thing: "These people have no idea what they're talking about."

The fact of the matter is that knowing a single park well enough to do a podcast on it is really not a common quality, but having enough depth on parks all around the country (the scope likely required to get a large enough audience to justify the medium outside of FL or CA) is essencially impossible.

I tend to believe that's why print and photojournalism are the best mediums for covering single parks or regions—the production overhead is comparably really small and it's easier to invest more time and effort into conveying the actual information rather than attempting to entertain a subset of the already niche audience.
Sep 24, 2018
I have to agree with @Zachary I think it's hard for one person to be knowledgeable about enough parks to do it. I see the same thing with YouTube the majority of the time I go they don't know what they are talking about. I do think that a group of people across the country probably could come together and do a podcast if each specializes in a region and has the requisite knowledge of that region.
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