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I saw that; very nice. Except it goes back to my whole "coaster with Industrial Powered Spotlights" does not a scary nighttime coaster make. And the increases light pollution in the sky. I suppose the remaining scattering of stars will no longer be seen.

Still, of all the coasters, Griffon would be my choice of lighting as it is my least favorite. Although, just imagine being on the Griffon with NO park lights at all. No moon, no nothing. THAT would be cool. (oh BBW how I miss thee)
Shafor said:
Could the theatrical lighting have anything to do with the Illuminights show?

That's what I was thinking, but the amendment request specifically says it's for the Summer Nights concert series.

My wife was at the park today renewing our passes and she said the employees were really talking up the Illuminights thing. That's what made me think of that.
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