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Apr 9, 2011
The Worlds of Fun Database

Scandinavia is the first section of Worlds of Fun, also where you enter.

Finnish Fling - Chance Morgan Rotor
Fjörd Fjärlane - Huss Swing Around
Viking Voyager - Arrow Log Flume
Octopus - Eyerly Octopus
Sea Dragon - Chance Morgan Sea Dragon
Grand Carrousel - M.C. Illions

Americana and Orient
Americana and Orient are home to two roller coasters, then a variety of flat rides including Ripcord.

Patriot - Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted Coaster
Skyliner - Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel
Spinning Dragons - Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster
Ripcord - Skycoaster
Bamboozler - Hrubetz Round Up
Timber Wolf - Dinn Wooden Coaster
Thunderhawk - Huss Top Spin - Standing But Not Operating
Worlds of Fun Railroad - Crown Metal Products
Grand Prix Raceway - Maker Unknown
Scrambler - Eli Bridge Scrambler - Even though it's located in Americana, you enter through the entrance of Planet Snoopy.
Detonator - S&S Space Shot
Cyclone Sam's - Chance morgan Wipeout
Krazy Kars - Maker Unknown
The Rock - Rockwall

Planet Snoopy
The kids section of the park. It was named and themed after the popular cartoon.

Wacky Worm
Charlie brown's Windup
Flying Ace Balloon Race
Camp Bus
Kite Eating Tree
Linus' Beetle Bugs
Lucy's Tugboat
Peanuts Playhouse
Peanuts Pony Promenade
Peanuts Road Rally
Peanuts Turn Tyke
Sally's Swing Set
Snoopy vs. Red Baron
Snoopy's Junction
Snoopy's Moon Bounce
Snoopy's Rocket Express
Snoopy's Yacht Club
Woodstock Whirlybirds

Africa is the place where most thrill seekers venture.

Boomerang - Vekoma Boomerang
Mamba - Chance Morgan Hyper
Fury of the Nile - Intamin River Rapids
Monsoon - Intamin Shoot-the-Chutes
Prowler - GCI Wooden Coaster
Zulu - Huss Enterprise

Europa has more family-related rides and is located in the middle of the park.

Flying Dutchman - Intamin Flying Dutchman
Le TaxiTour - Arrow Track Car Ride
Autobahn - Reverchon Bumper Car Ride
Le Carrousel - Maker Unknown
Bounce-A-Roos - Maker Unknown


This took about 2 hours of my time, haha. Could a Mod or Admin please sticky and lock this? It helps for any people that might be visiting, or just looking around this area. Thanks.
I think this might be a good idea for all of the parks we have sub forums on. I can help with some but the Six Flags subforum is lacking badly.
Swiftman said:
Thread stuck.

Very nice list. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Thank you. It took lots of time, but that's what happens when I'm bored.

B-Mac said:
I think this might be a good idea for all of the parks we have sub forums on. I can help with some but the Six Flags subforum is lacking badly.

If you can/want, I'd love to be the Cedar Fair Board Mod. to watch out for spam, sticky-ing and locking threads, and do these for all Cedar Fair parks.
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