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Apr 29, 2011

Why are there no threads about Holiday World here yet?

I guess not many of you have visited?!

I love this place to death and my favorite coaster is The Voyage! I love it so much I even had a doormat made with the coaster's logo!

Check it out!!!


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I love The Voyage too! Completely worth the 11 hour drive to Holiday World.

PS: I want that doormat.
^I won't make it to the park this season but I will definitely be back next year when they get those Timberliners on Voyage. I'll probably go to Holiwood Nights (their ERT event for coaster enthusiasts). At HWN 2007, I rode Raven 14 times in a row without getting off! And in the pitch black of the night too!
My beloved Voyage is getting some SERIOUS rehab during the off-season!

The spaghetti bowl turn-around has been completely demolished and apparently the bottom of the first two drops as well.

I really hope they can get the Timberliners certified and running this season!
michaelcollier1 said:
I am hoping to go to Holliwood Nights this year, it is not looking to good tho :/

It's a fun event. The marathon riding is amazing - I sat on Raven for an hour without getting off and I got almost 20 rides. And those near 20 rides happened in the pitch black of the night where there is no light emission since this park is in the boonies of Indiana.

However it's been three years since I last went. I was hoping to go back sooner but I'm waiting for Voyage to get Timberliners. I really love that coaster but the PTCs make it unbearable after a few rides.
I need to get out to Holiday World Holliwood Nights and hear its a fun event, since I haven't been there to ride the Voyage and the Raven. This event normally happens around the same time as Cedar Point's Coaster Mania event.
Serious reprofiling with the spaghetti bowl.

From HW's facebook...

I've been seeing a lot of billboards in Nashvile for Holiday World. Looks like it's only a 2.5 hour drive. I'm assuming it's worth the trip?
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I've been seeing a lot of billboards in Nashvile for Holiday World. Looks like it's only a 2.5 hour drive. I'm assuming it's worth the trip?

If I lived that close I'd go up there all the time. Not only do they have a great wood coaster selection as Zachary says, but the place is a bargain and not a drain on the wallet. Admission and food prices are really affordable and beverages are free.
The Voyage is getting 1600 feet of precut track.

I heard it was definitely needed on the first couple valleys and they are gonna add it to those areas and a few other spots.

Here's a video of the work they intend to do and there's an illustration on how Gravity Group's precut track is made.

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