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Nov 22, 2009
One of the most known images from Busch is its trains. Iam sure that most people remember riding on the trains at busch. It is also one of the longest running rides at the park todate.


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RE: The Stream Trains

Red Train coming into the Tweedside Station at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Va.

(Fixed the video for you. -Swiftman)
RE: The Stream Trains

me and my lil sis just call the trains by their color cause we don't know their names so heres red train


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RE: The Stream Trains

Here are some pressure test pictures they do every morning.



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RE: The Stream Trains

My favorite memory of the trains at Busch Gardens was never riding them, but the unfailing train whistle that would sound as you exited the station for your ride on Loch Ness Monster. Oh, happy memories of childhood nostalgia...
RE: The Stream Trains

My favorite memory of the train was during Christmas Town. We were pulled into the station and I guess they had pulled to far in, so they had to back it up. It was my first roll back!!!! Of course it wasn't very fast, no more than 2 mph. and it was on a train...... oh well.
RE: The Stream Trains

does anybody know if they are bringing back the behind the steams tour this season i didnt get a chance to do it last year.

I dont see it listed on the site
I was hoping someone would do that. I'm like an English teacher; spelling and grammar mistakes really bother me. :s
sweeet... i was a little worried because on the site it didnt have that and alot of other tours. Also where do you email them at?
I have been looking for the names of the trains and can't find them, I also can't find the Train Names thread. Can someone tell me there names?
Nora posted them in the train name thread. Here they are:

Nora said:
The trains are Balmoral Castle (English - Blue), Alpen Express (Alps -Green), and Deroch Bonniga (spelling may be off .>>German -Red).
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