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Sep 23, 2009
If you take a look at the interactive map on the parks website you'll notice that the stables in Heatherdowns are no longer there, they've been replaced with just an empty piece of concrete. Take a look at the picture I've attached and let me know what you think.


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That is what i think about it. grr...

You know, I have always wondered why they took out Little Nessie- the kiddie coaster that tied in theme wise to the Loch Ness Coaster. The area it was in is still there; the foundation location anyway. They should have a cute kid ride that is a mini version of all the coasters.....

...OOOOOOOOOOOoooooOO!!!! I had a great idea now... writing the park... will post the email soon!!!
Here was the e-mail I just sent:

Hi again, it is me.

I just had a great thought for your merchandise department! Two thoughts just hit me a moment ago; the kids nowadays seem to be into vintage Tee-shirts and retro 80's items... is the time to have a few products ordered for next season.

Therefore, consider creating a few items for each "big ride" in the park that are considered vintage. Like vintage prints on tee shirts such the old "I survived the Loch Ness Monster" with the faded washed out look that kids love. I actually have the original shirt mentioned above and the old style Loch Ness Design is quite cool I must say; if you do not have any record of the old merchandise I can send you a picture of this as a model. It was the design of the Loch Ness that looped twice and had the single horn on the nose with the serpent tongue.

People really loved my original 1984 "I survived the Big Bad Wolf tee shirt while I in the park the last day of the coaster's operation. I even had folks tell me that they wished they had kept theirs. (This kind of sparked the idea). So it is a win-win. Adults who visited in their youth from the 80's will love the old shirts that take them back memory lane; and the teens will like them too because that is what is cool to wear at the moment.

I really do think guests would be excited to see the old designs again.. maybe even the old Gordon Dragon on a vintage style logo tee could make a return!

Speaking of vintage, that brings me to another concept. Remember the Little Nessie kid coaster; and Die Katzchen? I was wondering if BGW would consider placing a little version of each or at least some of the coasters. These do not have to be extravagant like the Grover Coaster; but something that the "real little kids" can ride while one of their parents take off to ride the big ride. I remember well that I wanted to ride the BIG coasters so bad, but at least I could imagine I was riding the big ride when I was on the little versions. I am not so good with naming rides but perhaps something like "The Giffin's Nest", "Chariot of the Sun", "The little Avalanche", and of course bring back the title 'Little Nessie."

As always, I appreciate all the park does and provides for all of their guests and hope Christmas Town is a continual success. Speaking of; for next year, may I re-suggest having the park remain open until New Years. The park would be packed if there were a huge fireworks celebration and of course beer to be sold.. it would only be one more weekend and the locals would LOVE to have another family fun place to ring in the New Year!

Best Wishes,

Nora Marien
Nora, you said something about a ride called "Little Nessie". I've not heard about it before... (It isn't on RCDB). Happen to have any pictures, info, ect? (If so, you might want to make a thread in the History section.) If you all didn't notice, I am VERY interested in the History of the park.
I do actually. It was posted on the original site; it is all I have though. The little ride was located beside the Lil' Clydes ride in Scotland, and in fact was in the area that has the covered roof just to the right of it. I also miss the Loch Ness Gift Shop that is now a drink stand.

The picture is not so good as my parents had a very poor camera - but basically the ride was very small, went in t carnival style a fast up and down around and around motion and had very cute "Loch Ness" style cars that only sat two kids at a time. It was very fun as I recall - i was about 2 or 3 in this photo as this photo represented my first day ever in the park (besides being in my mom's tummy when she came to the park with my older brother that is).

Oh yeah, I am the bored little girl on the right, my brother is on the left. Heh~ of course we would pick the front seat.. coaster enthusiasts at birth it seems.


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Well, hopefully the emptiness is not a long term situation. Hopefully the back of the park will be the most lively section again in the next couple years.
I agree, the new map looks... empty. If I was looking for a park to come to (and hadn't ever been to either) I might choose Kings Dominion... Just saying. To someone who has never been, it just doesn't look fun.
Swiftman said:
I agree, the new map looks... empty. If I was looking for a park to come to (and hadn't ever been to either) I might choose Kings Dominion... Just saying. To someone who has never been, it just doesn't look fun.

I would agree, Kings has definitely, by far, passed BGW on curb appeal at this point of time. I think all the BEC and Blackstone transition things will wipe out by 2012.
Chris, I agree. I am sure BGW will do a great job filling up the empty space, but for the 2010 season, it just looks sparse.
We were at the park Monday and during the train ride we saw a bunch of sheep in the Clydesdale area behind Festa Italia. The announcer pointed them out as the "newest addition to the park's family." Maybe they'll be in stable area next year? Scotland...sheep??
That is very interesting... Thanks for posting that. How many are we talking? Half-dozen, a dozen...?
This fits right in with other things I've been hearing. Do away with the horses. Anyone ever think it strange that the Clydes were taken from all the parks and replaced at every single park....except, BGT? The parks with the horses still in them do not have plans for that area yet, and/or its in a place that they can't leave empty. Horses are the first thing pretty much you see coming into BGW. You have a huge area at SWO that leads to a restaurant right next to them. I have a guess for the area at SWO (new dark ride based on the Bermuda Triangle...not a simulator) and BGT I know its going to be used for their 2011 project....which will be announced two weeks after Sesame opens....And I know a good little tidbit about Gwazi as well, but another park and time altogether.
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