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Apr 16, 2017
Since there is a similar thread for other parks and attractions ... why not?

Also, specific to WDW, Chapek had an interview discussing the reopening of the parks. I found it interesting why they claimed they needed the extra month to reopen. It makes a lot of sense. Basically, Disney wanted to have the time so they can rearrange and move reservations into their new system which will be used going forward. However, it will take some time to sort through thousands of reservations.

I think it makes sense in regards to international, non-local staff needing to come back. Testing of anyone working and possible quarantine. Getting supplies, making certain things. A big thing with WDW and frankly all fair weather parks is they don't shut down. So might take them a little more time to get things running again.
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Very true, I think the seasonal parks are more prepared to handle a shutdown than WDW. Their workforce is massive, and having to coordinate that force in a way that you have never done so prior would be a challenge for any company.

I don't think testing and anyone being put in quarantine is that big of a concern. They have implemented a screening to determine if an individual has symptoms and I believe all they simply have to do is send an individual home in the case they exhibit any symptoms. The biggest concern I would imagine is that they may have to pay out more sick time for the quarantine period which may be more costly. But regardless, I can't imagine much else being difficult with that.

Maybe ensuring there is enough staffing in general would be the most difficult part, as well as mass trainings going on to instruct CMs how to do their jobs with the new implemented changes.
Also, I want to add that Disney Springs is using stormtroopers as social distancing and mask reminders. They have been spotted on balconies interacting with guests making sure they are reminded (in an entertaining way) to follow all the new policies.
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So I like the light hearted way they’re using the storm troopers. However, given the “masks are tyranny” shit, I’m not sure I would have used the first order to push that.
hey guys i know wrong thread...but i need to buy 1 ticket for august 18th of this year!!! Do i wait for the parks to open because i can only buy for 2020 rn...i’m just a little worried because my friend bought a plane ticket and i need to know when and where to buy a ticket for August 18th 2020...
(Moved to the correct thread.)

I don't know if anyone has seen any new updates, but the last I checked (last weekend) Disney was still saying that 2020 tickets may be available "later this Summer."

My understanding of the problem is that with the limited park capacity and the need to reserve access to parks in advance, they have to let everyone with tickets and resort reservations make park reservations first. Once all of those people have booked their days at each park, Disney will know if there is additional space for new guests. Assuming there is remaining capacity they will then open up ticket sales.

I have a trip booked with a friend who had not bought her tickets before COVID (since there was no rush). I have an annual pass and we have a reservation at the Grand Floridian, so I was able to reserve my parks and will be able to rebook dining... eventually. Since I can't be sure that she will be able to purchase Disney tickets, however, we are planning alternative things to do during the trip. We will be able to visit other Orlando parks; plan to make use of all of the resort facilities; and can enjoy Disney Springs and other resort dining, if we can't actually visit the parks.
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I don’t entirely agree with everything here, but it is an interesting piece.

“This is about Disney needing to find a new way to do business that doesn’t require a lot of people to be in one place,” said Greif & Co.’s Lloyd Greif, a Los Angeles-based investment banker who closely tracks Disney. “They need to be making those contingency plans right now.”

“[W]e believe people will resume familiar activities once this crisis ends,” Executive Chairman Bob Iger said during an analyst conference call in May. "They miss doing the things they enjoy, things that make them feel happy and connected with family and friends, whether it’s going to movie theaters to see our films, or visiting our theme parks around the world, or watching live sports on ESPN.”

Greif noted this is a problem, with the company waiting on a vaccine it can’t create and a consumer psychology it can’t control. Disney Plus, he said, represents a positive step, but is not on the cutting edge and has no expectation of profitability until at least 2023.
I was charged one amount for the past 3 months for my pass but the reversal came in this morning.

That said, I will be cancelling my pass once they send out the e-mail notification giving passholders that option to do so.

The annual passes have been severely devalued with the new reopening plans set by the park. Especially with the inability to parkhop and the limit on the max 3 park reservations at one time. I've been a passholder for quite some time and have been to the parks enough times to last me several life times. I'm not pressed to go back right now and I can wait to renew once this mess is over.
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ResortsTV1 is livestreaming from MK right now. Today is only for CMs and a practice run before reopening.

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hey guys i know wrong thread...but i need to buy 1 ticket for august 18th of this year!!! Do i wait for the parks to open because i can only buy for 2020 rn...i’m just a little worried because my friend bought a plane ticket and i need to know when and where to buy a ticket for August 18th 2020...

Disney tickets go on sale tomorrow (9 July). You will need to try to buy them ASAP and then immediately reserve Park Passes.
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