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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Does BG dye the rivers/lakes? When I was there for Memorial Day throughout the day it looked like there were large clouds of green slowly swelling through the waters around the new fountain off the Ireland bridge. I guess they might do this to hide leaves and trash and other debris?
Wow! Even Busch Gardens is ruining nature.What'll happen next, the chop down a bunch of the parks trees to make a fifty foot wood statue of Elmo?!?! :p
Actually, no, Busch Gardens is not ruining nature... Nora is the best person to explain the "dye" in the water, she knows all about it.
The color you see is a result of the park controlling the algae growth.

Since the rivers and streams at the park are mostly artificial, the water would remain stagnant and cause algae to grow and choke out the ecosystems in the water. In areas where there is more sunlight, the chemical's color reduces the UV rays penetration in the water.

Most of Busch Gardens water is moving via fountains, pumps, and streams.. but the larger areas were there is standing stagnant water or areas were there is sun hitting large areas of water, a non harmful eco-friendly chemical (probably a natural bacteria) is used to control the health of the environment.

This also reduces the mosquito larvae as standing- stagnant water is a breading ground for one of Virginia's most annoying pests.

I am not sure of the actual products used- however, the park's stand on the environment and their dedication to being environmentally responsible is outstanding.
So they dye the river green for eco-friendly reasons and to make it look green :p

Much like how they dye the river green in Chicago or Boston? Or some place like that for St. Patrick's Day?
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