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RE: The Rhythm Chefs (2004 or Earlier to ?)

They won the IAAPA 2001 Big E award for 'Best Atmosphere/Street Show Performer/Act'courtesy of the old BGW site. Plus more photos! (Yay Justin! :D) Also, this outside source.

They were there in 2002 by my schedule from here and the map from above in 2004. I don't have a 2005 map (the Internet Archive 2005 page doesn't load for me) and the 2006 HOS map I have doesn't list them. So, at least a 2001 start. Anyone have a 2005/2006 map or schedule to verify the last year?

BTW, the second link also listed:
Best Overall Production by Budget Category
Budget Over $125,000
Special Mention: "Irish Thunder," Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA.

Zachary, check out the other shows listed HERE!
Wasn't this a smaller street show as well in San Marco around 2008 or 2009 for a season or two? Just three guys out on the street in the open area between the food lines and the seating, doing the stomp type stuff and the cleaver/knife percussion stunts?

I remember catching them a few times but they weren't on the programs I don't think. I didn't go to the park from 2000-2002, so I missed the full show on the stage, but I really liked it as a street show, too.
Yes, they started as chefs between the stage and Ristorante della Piazza. Chefs made good sense there. When the show was relocated to New France they became lumberjacks.

EDIT: See chef photos above and a lumberjack video HERE.
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Oh, that's right, now I remember the chef to lumberjack conversion! Chefs by the main dining area in Italy made sense, though the lumberjacks over in New France did as well. Either way I like that kind of thing very much as a street show.
Here's a somewhat low-quality but adequate video of the Drumberjacks full show from 2010:

Aside from the fetching and adorable outfits, this particular performance is notable for including my favorite drummer from the park, who was also in "Mix It Up", and who now plays in the Clown Band at KD.
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