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Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
The Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas closed in 2011 and later rebranded as SLS Las Vegas. The Speed-The Ride coaster was sold, dismantled and stored in a nearby vacant lot.

The hotel recently changed hands and rumors on Las Vegas Blvd it'll be rebranded back to the Sahara brand (or close). A new rumor recently surfaced that the owners are looking to return the sun-baked Stengel designed Premier Rides coaster back to its original glory.

Then -
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This was originally supposed to be relocated and reprofiled to fit into a strip mall or something that never came to fruition (In Las Vegas, go figure!).
Yep, the Akita Plaza, located directly across from Mandalay Bay. Not only wasn't the coaster rebuilt, neither was the Plaza. Living there for over a decade, I know that rumors are a dime a dozen.
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The old coaster will continue to bake in the desert...

(General Manager Paul Hobson) also shot down rumors. The renovations will not include a rollercoaster – in its final years the Sahara was home to “Speed-The Ride.” Also, NASCAR Café, which was home to the six-pound, two-foot-long burrito of “Man versus Food” fame, is not returning.

“That was a Sahara of a different era,” Hobson said.
If y'all want any parts from an amusement ride as a souvenir that's one of the best places to do it. Old school Premier LIM trains like that are basically worthless in terms of parts so you could get a car for probably under $1000, minus shipping it across the country.
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