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Aug 23, 2017
Ok, so this is a personal peeve of mine. I often see or hear of folks complaining about getting stapled, or restraints that hold you snugly in the seat. Some go as far as to describe airtime as only when you can physically leave your seat.

I respect a good restraint that doesn't leave you thinking about it the whole time, but I feel like some enthusiasts go way too far to the point that what they want is borderline dangerous. B&M hypers are great with the clam-shells, you can have a bit of room and tons of freedom. As a fairly large individual the shin shackles on many lap bars are a big disappointment. Either way, having a restraint loose wil not change the forces that you feel. You might get a bit of a rush from being in a loose restraint, but frankly, that often isn't safe when you cross that 0g border into negative g's. If you think it hurts to be pulled against a lap bar when it's snug, imagine slamming into a loose one.

IDK what I mean to accomplish here but I guess IMO, at the end of the day, snug, but comfortable, restraints are nothing to complain about.

PS: death the comfort collars.
Comfort collars being the exception, I don't need to feel like my life is in danger and more when I am dangling 205 feet in the air looking down at the ground. You could put a glass bubble around me and duct tape me to the seat and I would still be "thrilled".
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