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Feb 9, 2013
W.I.P.(work in progress)

This is a concept for WCUSA, and how it could be improved.

This Concept discusses how WCUSA, could be improved without completely re-theming it, or tearing it down completely. The Reason I'm doing a concept this way is so that it is actually believable and possible.

I believe WCUSA is a good park, that isn't taken to its full potential. I know most of you want it to be re-themed to Aquatica, but that is just not practical considering that they barely spend any money on WCUSA in the first place. Also, I don't want it to become Aquatica, because Aquatica is SEAWORLD's waterpark, not BGW's. So in order to keep WCUSA unique and not another clone of Aquatica I am keeping the theme the same, which is 50's, 60's Beach theme.

I really want to hear your feedback, and ideas, if it is something that I like, then I may just include it in the concept.:)

I don't expect these changes to happen all at once, I know it will take time.

This Concept will first start with rides, what needs to stay the same, and what needs to get replaced/scrapped completely. I will do Restaurants, and other things later, after I'm finished with the rides section.


Rampage is a thrilling ride, and should be kept. I feel the name isn't too bad, and does reflect on the experience you get during the ride. However, just please get rid of those ugly tiles on the side of the pool, and replace them with regular tiles that you would see on a regular pool.

Wild Thang:
Wild Thang is a great ride, fun, fast, and thrilling. I feel that it does have an appropriate name, and shouldn't change. I do think it needs a painting, and the "water-curtains" should be repaired so they are fully functioning. Also, I think that speakers should be placed around the ride's path, and should be looping "Wild Thang"(the song) while you go through the ride.

Jet Scream:
I feel Jet Scream is a good ride and has a name that fits the theme of the park. However, I feel Jet Scream is outdated, and needs to be replaced. I think it should be replaced with another Proslide "Custom Complex," and should keep the same name. Here is what a "Custom Complex," is: Custom Complex. Now I want this new Custom Complex to consist, of 4 single person intertube slides. 2 Cannon Bowl 30's(with single person intertubes), and 2 Tornado 12's(also with single person intertubes). I feel this will make Jet Scream an awesome ride, and will draw a lot of crowds.

Malibu Pipeline:
Malibu Pipeline is a great ride, and has a perfect name that reflects the theme of the park. It still is popular, and fun, so it should stay the same in this case. I would just like for the first "water-curtain" to be repaired so it works properly.

Rock-N-Roll Island:
Rock-N-Roll Island is a good area, with a good concept, however I feel that Rock-N-Roll Island wasn't taken to its full potential. I think that Rock-N-Roll Island needs a lot more theming. Right beside Jammin' Jukebox I think they should put a "larger than life" Jukebox to tie in with the theming. Also, I think that there should be fiberglass guitars, keyboards, and other instruments set around the Ramblin' River to tie in with the theme. I think they should also play actual Rock-N-Roll, like the "Beach Boys," and other famous 50's & 60's Rock-N-Roll bands.

Kritter Koral:
The kids enjoy it, it has a lot of sea creatures which does go with the beach theme. So I'm going to keep it, I think the very little kids enjoy it, so just keep it.

Cow-A-Bunga is a goof kiddie area and is a play on words of the popular surfing phrase, therefore it does go with the beach theme. Also, the kids like it, so I will keep it since it makes the park even more kid friendly.

Surfer's Bay:
Now I will never remove Surfer's Bay, because a waterpark wouldn't be complete without a wave pool. However, I want to change the area where it has the logo. Instead of the current backdrop with the logo I would like to incorporate the new logo, with the new backdrop. I was thinking that they could put a huge Surfboard(placed horizontally) with the new log on it where the current backdrop is. That would tie in with the theming of the park, and the name of the wave pool. Also, give it a good painting, along with the depth signs, because they really need it.

Big Daddy Falls:
Big Daddy Falls is a great ride, and should not be taken out. I feel the name does reflect on the experience you get during the ride. I will make an exception for Big Daddy Falls' name not going perfectly with the theming, because I can't really figure out another name that goes along with the experience you get when you're riding it. Also, please get rid of the Quick Queue on Big Daddy Falls, it makes the line, 2x as long as it should be. And fix the water-curtains, and other water effects too.

Nitro Racer:
Nitro Racer is a perfect ride, with the prefect amount of theming. I say don't change a thing. However, it is starting to require a paint job.

More attractions to come.:) Again, I really want to hear your feedback.:)
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I am not so big on thrills, I appreciate them, think they're cool, I just don't want to take them on personally. I really love what WCU has to offer as far as slightly thrilling but not too intense. Wild Thang and Jet Scream are right on that point. Two of my favorite rides. I completely agree with Wild Thang, as far as Jet Scream goes, I like the Custom Complex idea considering it would really utilize the empty space there now. The Cannon Bowl 30's look great, not so sure about the Tornado 12's but you seem to have managed to keep the same slightly thrilling but not too intense vibe of Jet Scream. Which seems amazing.

In other words, so far its looking good. My only question is, as far as theming goes, how you you apply theming to the rides other than just the names. I like the idea of having the song Wild Thang play as your ride, maybe they can do murals on the inside of the slides to match the theme or song? I am sure they will have to be repainted once a month or something unless they use a special paint that can last through the constant flow of water. Cheap and easy.
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Thanks! I would say that the Tornado 12's are slightly thrilling, but not too intense. "Omaka Rocka" at Aquatica is a Tornado 12 ride, so if you have been on those, and liked them, then that is what I'm suggesting here.

I think the mural idea is interesting, but it would be a little hard. I would like to add theming, that's why I'm asking for your feedback, and suggestions, so I can get ideas for theming.:)

BTW: Malibu Pipeline has been added.
Rock-N-Roll Island has been added, I think that's all for tonight. I'll add more tomorrow, hopefully I'll get done with all the attractions.
Do people really think WCUSA should be rethemed to be like Aquatica? Why? I can see wanting to improve the overall theming, but why try to duplicate something that already exists?

On another note, WCUSA needs more animals. Conservation is supposed to be part of what SW Parks do, but they have never really done much at Water Country. Hopefully they are moving and expanding Conservation Cove and not just demolishing it.

"As you will no doubt be aware, the plans for development of the outlying regions of the Galaxy require the building of a hyperspatial express route through your star system. And regrettably, your planet is one of those scheduled for demolition."
For me it the park does not have to be converted to Aquatica. I would love to get a seaworld and then have water country converted, but that's sadly not going to happen. Instead i would like something that reflects the laid back tropical vibes of Aquatica. I do not like the jarring disjointed thematic elements we have. I think water parks should be laid back and tranquil.

Sorry to take your thread off on a tangent, I'm still enjoying what you're posting. It's just good to see someone taking interest in wcusa.
I do believe that WCUSA's theme is loosely emphasized, but I don't think it needs to change. I want this concept to be practical, that's why I'm keeping the theme. I think the GP gets the general idea of the theme, but not so much the specifics. And truthfully the GP isn't looking for a theme when going to a water park, they're just looking for things that get them wet.

Aquatica has a great theme, but when you first went to the park, did you instantly figure it out? It may of just been me, but I didn't figure out the theme until someone told me while waiting in line. Aquatica's theme is, in my opinion, very loosely reflected on their rides. They give it an Australlian sounding name and that's it, there's no other theming to be seen once you get past the entrance sign. So just think about it is Aquatica's theme really better than WCUSA's? With WCUSA, there is a lot more theming on the rides, some don't have that much, but it is still better than what you get at Aquatica, in my opinion.
I agree that theirs is pretty loose as well and also that you don't need something as grand as a Disney water park. But that's exactly why i like laid back tropical theme. It doesn't have to be in your face, it's just kinda chill. Again, didn't mean to derail your thread!
tursiops said:
I agree that theirs is pretty loose as well and also that you don't need something as grand as a Disney water park. But that's exactly why i like laid back tropical theme. It doesn't have to be in your face, it's just kinda chill. Again, didn't mean to derail your thread!

It's fine, and I agree with you. I like the laid back theme, and I think Water Country can do it with their current theme. I think there would be nothing better than listening to the Beach Boys, and laying in front of the wavepool.:cool: They really can work in the laid back theme, with their current theme, quite easily.
Sorry for triple posting, but Nitro Racer, Big Daddy Falls, and Surfer's Bay have been added.

And I really want to hear your feedback and suggestions!
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