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Very interesting article... sounds like a lot of fun coming to the park really soon!

Also, can someone fix the name of this thread? The “Patched Pig” sounds even worse than the actual name.. ?
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I honestly couldn't care less about this. Sports bars are 1000% not my thing and I doubt they'll have anything that interests me.

Grog Grotto has also spoiled me.
I think this is a fantastic addition to Kings Dominion. Over the past few years the park's culinary team has made a handful of creative upgrades to the park's lineup, notably the addition of several specialty food festivals like Taste of Virginia and most recently with concept restaurants like The Mac Bowl in 2018. The Parched Pig (I had heard its official name is The Parched Pig Tavern) seems like a step towards a more luxury, relaxed adults-only experience. This, coupled with a few more things coming this season (?), show that Kings Dominion is making the most of this off-year by echoing 2014 to improve the well-roundedness of the park's offerings. I'm excited.

Also, as a huge fan of Old Virginia's original theming, I'm thrilled to see the park doubling down on the area's rustic theme with this addition. (I want them to name one of their drinks "Egads! It's Demon Rum!" after the bizarre name of one of Old Virginia's original entertainment offerings, seen in @Zachary's 1976 Kings Dominion Information Book.)
The Pig has a long way to go befre it serves a drop of brew. The inside basically was a empty shell, the cieling was painted a dark brown and there was new plywood on the floor and appeared to be starting laying new floor planks. The tables were rectangle with benches, they were stacked near the front. When the parked opened today a photo op with news media was happening, they had a couple pint glasses and what appeared to be a flight orr to a side area close to the game to the right. Not saying they cant throw this together quickly but as of now there wasnt the first tap, cooler or bar as far as the eye could see.
Just had a beer at the Parched Pig! It was great! Fast service, and I love the King's Brew IPA!

The decor was great, three TV's playing sports. I think this is a great addition to the park.


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