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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va
So there is a rumor floating around that the next coaster will making its arrival in 2015. If it is correct, the real question is where would they put it? They basically have two options: Either they stuff it in the corner somewhere (which could happen) or they could replace another ride. So, on that note, what is everyone's guess for the next ride to go?

My guess is that Anaconda will be next to meet the boneyard because Arrow Loopers seem to be slowly disappearing. I love the tunnel and the first two inversions, but after that, nothing about catches my interest. To be honest, a good chunk of the remaining ride is actually quite painful.

I'm sure some will say Shockwave because Togo stand-ups seem to be becoming extremely rare, but there is three problems I see with that theory: First off, when all the other Togo stand-ups were removed, all the good parts were sent to Kings Dominion. That leads into my next point: Has anyone really ever seen this ride breakdown? Out of all my visits, I've never seen the ride go down. Reliability really is quite amazing. Lastly, there's almost always a line. Loading may be slow but the line is always full.

Hurler just got re-tracked so I doubt we'd see that go by 2015 though personally, I would like to see it go.
Well kings dominion is good at stuffing rides in, and would rebel yell have a shot at being replaced? It doesn't take up to much room though
Rebel Yell could but I see no benefit in doing so. Plus it sets a nice sky line in my opinion. Its another ride that there is always a line and doesn't go down much. I think it will have to almost start falling apart before they consider to take it down. The only reasonable type of ride that could be placed there is a B&M Hyper, but no one knows if the contract does exist with BGW that doesn't let B&M build new rides for the park.
I vote for removing both Anaconda and Rebel Yell and putting in at least one coaster. I don't plan on ever riding Rebel Yell ever again. Just 3 minutes of torture.
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Shockwave just got new paint, so it might have a few years. I agree with the Anaconda or Rebel Yell theory. Anaconda takes up a huge chunk of land that is prime coaster location.
pandorazboxx said:
I vote for removing both Anaconda and Rebel Yell and putting in at least one coaster. I don't plan on ever riding Rebel Yell ever again. Just 3 minutes of torture.
After I rode rebel yell, I felt like I just got sacked by Demarcus ware
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Seems like ya'll have not been this year and rode Grizzly... I usually love Grizzly but this year was a crazy downfall. I don't find Rebel Yell as rough as ya'll are saying. After-all it's up and down.
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I have to agree, Grizzly was vicious this year. Honestly, all of Kings Dominions woodies are really bad.
weird I went during the TPR trip back in august i think. Grizzly is the one behind the Dinosaur thing? If that's right, then that one was nowhere near as bad as rebel yell was. I was told it was possible I sat on a "wheel seat". I don't get people that said it was my fault for sitting on a wheel seat when there's no warning anywhere that apparently at least a third of the seats on the train will break your back...
Every seat on Grizzly is a wheel seat.

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While Rebel Yell you don't have to ride the wheel seat.

Photo credit:
But either way i've never had a bad ride on Rebel Yell. I get some nice floater and some ejector air on the first couple of camel backs while after the turn is all ejector air. I guess I find it key is to relax your muscles so you don't land on the seat hard when you come back down from ejector air.

And yes Grizzly is next to Dinosaurs Alive and Hurler is next to WindSeeker.
ok, this helps. so on rebel yell, I sat in the middle right of one of those cars about halfway down the train and it felt like the thing was jackhammering my spine (vertically) the whole time. Is that how that ride is supposed to feel? it was truly painful. not exaggerating. I had to go home after that.

or maybe one of the wheels fell of my car? and they didn't catch it yet?
Which side of Rebel Yell Pandora? I rode on the left side this fall, and though it was far from smooth, it had nothing on Grizzly.
I've never had a bad ride on Rebel Yell. I usually have terrible rides on Hurler but it was not that bad the last time I rode it, Grizzly on the other hand felt like my spine was being hammered, the padding in the seat was so worn I could feel a metal bar in my back most painful woodie ride of my life. I hope it gets a lot of work this off season.
That was the opposite for me this August, I rode rebel yell twice and felt like my spine broke, and I rode grizzly 4 times and felt fine. I mean it was really rough, but I didn't feel any pain from it
I'm sure the right side of Rebel Yell is really smooth because it's not run as much as the left. I rode Grizzly 2 times without getting out in the very back seat and it almost made me hate the ride.
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