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Sep 23, 2009
[url=]Screamscape[/url] said:
2015 - New Coaster - Rumor - (12/12/12) If the early rumor holds true, I’m hearing that we pretty much wont see anything at all added to Kings Dominion for the 2014 season while the park makes preparations for their next big coaster in 2015.

Sounds plausible.
Ben said:
Isn't Windseeker their?
Yes it is, nvm my comment. Is i305 in the location king cobra used to be?

Just did some research, it said Busch gardens is a 150 acre park, and Kings Dominion is a 400 acre park. Is this true? Because if so, they should have plenty of room for a new coaster
Anaconda is. Anaconda's lift hill is actually directly over top of where it was. You can see the footers still.

We can get a nice shuttle on HyperSonics old station if they just tear out Hurler :D
Wouldn't it be nice to see Cedar Fair employ RMC for an Iron Horse Conversion? Hurler could be a good ride if they did that; or Grizzly for that matter. Last time I was at the park Hurler was a smoother ride then Grizzly which surprised me; felt like I bruised my spine on Grizzly. Sadly I think that Iron Horse is more of a Six Flags type of thing, I can't see Cedar doing that. Hope they prove me wrong.

All that being said the park could really open up the back of the park by removing Hurler to expand behind Rebel Yell and the Water Park. According to the Property Information there is almost enough room back there for a whole park.
The park tends to add a major ride every other season, so (going by their additions in the past decade or so) 2014 is the year some major ride/attraction will be added. The park is overdue for a waterpark expansion, so I have a feeling 2014 will be a Water Works to Soak City conversion. It would be a perfect excuse to replace some of those old, dated water slides with some shiny new ones.
I wouldn't say anything but I want to say that Intamin most likely will not be designing the ride because of the issues that the park has had with them with Volcano and I305. It's still possible but theres less of a chance I would believe or hope. Even though I would love to see an Intamin Zac Spin. If that unknown contract between Busch and B&M is still around (if it exists) then B&M can be ruled out again.
Zacspin coasters look fun, they dont take up much space either. I'd rather them get another coaster like dominator.
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