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RE: Dinner Bell

The new sign on Dinner Bell is very nice looking and it fits the theme perfectly, though is there a picture of the sign for Apple Ida's Funnel Cakes? Thanks a bunch! :D
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RE: Dinner Bell

This is being replaced with "The Mac Bowl" that will specialize in gourmet mac and cheese.
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RE: Dinner Bell

I'll miss the old-fashioned name and signage of Dinner Bell, but it easily had the worst menu in the park. I'll support a custom mac-and-cheese shop over a hot dog joint any day.

Plus, I appreciate that the new signage sort of keeps up the old-fashioned style.
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They had a miniature mac n cheese bar at the media event today. We got to choose between white and regular cheddar, and we had the option of pouring pepper jack or gouda sauce over them. They then added vegetables and either chicken or pulled pork. The result was great.

I don’t know how well it will translate to regular amusement park service, but I have high hopes.
We tried the Mac Bowl tonight - choices were Mac Bowl, Tots Bowl, or Salad Bowl.  Each was $13.99 but paid with meal plan (first of many this year).

I got the Tots Bowl topped with fajita steak, pulled pork, chili, tomatoes, and jalapenos... definitely not health food but it was good.


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We got Tots with our meal plan..So not sure what happened there with you. Or the employees didn't know what they where doing...
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The employees definitely didn't know what they were doing yet. There were about 10 employees but only 1 trying to work the reigster resulted in eating over half my bowl before I paid. I also used the dining plan and saw on the sign that only the mac bowl was included (I may try to see if they'll let me get the tot bowl with it next time). My only main complaint is none of the toppings are labeled, and the person making it didn't really want to tell us what everything was. I kept having to say, "Is that sausage? Are we allowed to have whatever that is? What is that?" But I enjoyed it and will be trying it again. I had half cheddar half white cheddar mac with grilled chicken, steak (steak-ums), bbq sauce and extra cheese!
On Saturday I confused the cashier. I paid with 2 dining plans for 2 bowls and she couldn't grasp that concept. They do have bacon, popcorn chicken, grilled chicken, sausage, and steak. I asked if they had pulled pork and she said no. I thought I read somewhere that they did. I wonder if they will limit the toppings in the future. My bowl was loaded up.
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We had two Mac and Cheese bowls and one tot bowl on opening day. They were very filling, they need labels what everything is. Also, the music was so loud you could talk to employees. The guy that appeared to be management turned the music completely off. Also, the way the register is set up they can not see what food is on your tray. We were not on a dining plan but I heard them tell one guest the salad bowl was not on the dining plan. We will be back!
WDWRLD said:
I heard them tell one guest the salad bowl was not on the dining plan. We will be back!

That doesn't make sense to me that not all of the items shown on the menu are covered by the dining plan. Last year I went to probably 10 different restaurants, and the dining plan covered any of the items on any of the menus. I have to think that the staff needs more training.
It's correct that only the mac n cheese bowl is on the dining plan, which I find rather disappointing. I don't see the reasoning, since the salad has the exact same price as the mac n cheese bowl, as do the tater tots. A shame, since I really don't care to load up on the 1,500 calories in the mac n cheese every time I eat here.
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