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Mar 30, 2010

Oz was dreamed and designed by Jack Pentes, on behalf of Carolina Caribbean Corp., and headed by Grover Robbins, of Tweetsie RR. Both men were exceptional "visionaries". It was their plan to create something special for children - something that would be fun and financially compatible with the ski slopes of Beech - and, in turn, would bring parents, purchasers of resort property. Just as important, local talent and craftsmen were employed, bringing pride and opportunities to the area. It was a grand dream and was done in a grand fashion. OZ exceeded everyone's expectations of success.

Six months before its opening, however, Mr. Robbins contracted bone cancer and passed away.

Didn't know about this place. Someone posted about it on Reddit earlier today. Apparently every year it's open for tours on one weekend in the fall. Has anyone been there?
I saw this on an Adam the Woo video.  I didn't realize it will still open at times. 
This place seems to be getting more and more popular. They are opening more and more.
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Yeah, twice a year. We missed tickets by a few days and couldn't get the day we needed. They sell out quickly. Enjoy the views and go up to Grandfather Mountain, if you have the time.
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Yes, yes he does. Don't be jealous. I'm sure your's are nice.

But Dorothy had the "shoe pose" down pat. Quite a few of the actors had passion for their characters and roles. They did not act like it was a temporary gig.
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