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Jan 30, 2014
I have been keeping up with this in the news for a couple years now. I figured I would post my findings here on this law. Seems there are a lot of people that want this law thrown out. But luckily, there are people who don't! Here is the latest news on the subject.
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I don't really see a difference, we're all in jail school for the same amount of time. Does it matter when you start or end, as long as those dates are around the beginning and end of summer?
Speaking of which, I need to get started on my summer assignments(yeah, I procrastinated a bit, but I always get everything done). So everybody stop posting, so I won't be tempted to read the forums.
Yup, totally agree with Nicole. This area is one of the last to go back to school in the entire country, which is great for vacationing. Kings Dominion Law keeps summer going throughout August, which is really nice for any student or, as I can imagine, parent.

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jonquil said:
^ Summer assignments?! Man, school has gotten worse since I was a kid.

I have three of them too. Also, you probably didn't go to the Nun-like strict school system in Virginia Beach. But again, stop posting, I have to work!!!
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I feel, things like this should not be changed. Consistency in schedule is key to consistent planning and learning. Not to mention, the parks will lose daily operations earlier! Ahhh! Lets hope CF turned enough profit this year to pay off the politicians.
Oy, I had to read two three-hundred page novels and write reports on them. And then I have a test on both at the end of September.

Being a "junior" ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Nicole said:
I had summer assignments back in the 80s...

Huh. Maybe it's a VA thing. I went to school in PA, where there were no summer assignments, nor a Hersheypark law. I spent the summer reading and drawing on my own anyway.
Well I hope all you junior fans will go to Kings Dominion this week, to thank them for buying you this brief late-summer reprieve from school.
You might as well go to BGW too. And while you're there, thank them for Kings dominion also :)

Edit...Haha. That didn't come out right. Just let them know how much you appreciate KD for this extra time you get to spend in BG.
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