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Jan 5, 2018
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(idk if this has been talked about before, if so feel free to move)

For this trip, I decided to purchase quest adventure off of Etsy, just to give us something to do while we were here for a couple days since there isn't much special to do over multiple days.

In a couple words, you could say this was a scavenger hunt? Not really? I'll try my best to explain.

Basically, you receive an envelope full of more envelopes and a quest sheet, and as you complete certain tasks on the quest sheet, you open up the bonus envelopes for more intricate quests.

The whole thing is essentially a game for a group of people to play cooperatively, with a goal of accumulating as many points as possible over two or more days at the park, since it is so long good luck completing it in one day.

Since I am terrible at explaining this, here is a video of someone explaining the Disneyland version of the same Quest Adventure, same Etsy creator:

I HIGHLY recommend this for a group of 3-4+ to complete, since 2 was a little bit too small to fully experience this.

The upside of this was that you can essentially create your own rules as you go, since it is based on an honor system. If you find a task a little annoying (since some can be for example not doing a certain things for an hour) you could say reduce the time for the task or simplify it. It is something that requires attention, but not so much attention to where you dedicate all of your time to this. It is amazing to do in the background of your trip so it doesn't consume all of your attention, you are very able to do whatever you want while you attempt to complete this.

There is a perfect balance of trying to find certain things in the park as well as completing tasks that don't necessarily require you to take time out of your normal behaviors, just being slightly more observant/attentive.

Below is a link to the quest. For anyone local who wants to have something cool to do at Busch during a relatively uneventful time of year, I highly recommend. I had a great time completing this. It is extremely high quality and well themed.

Our score was 1065, see if you can beat us!!
Mar 17, 2015
^^ Highly recommend that Great Adventure Quest thing from Etsy

Got mine in the mail last week! Was going to wait until a slow Tuesday or Thursday afternoon in the summer. It's no joke either. That envelop is hefty so it seems like it has plenty of tasks for us to attempt to keep us busy and entertained.
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