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Update: Fun Boxes have arrived. After paying $100 and waiting over a month here is what I got (pictures below):
Racer Box
Fury 325 Coin
Iron Dragon Water Bottle
Carolina Cyclone Krazy Straw
Salt Water Taffy
“Let’s Ride” teeshirt
Hangtime Nanocoaster
“First Drop” pin

So ya, well short of the $130 value promised. (and it doesn’t help that the “exclusive” hangtime nanocoaster will be added to the Knott’s online shop soon) According to my calculations (🤓) the price of everything is about $100. Technically, this is what you payed but I honestly couldn’t care less about the straw, taffy, teeshirt, or pin. Overall I am VERY disappointed with the item choice, even if the quality of the items was actually relatively impressive. Enjoy my blurry pictures:


If anyone else got a fun box please share what was in yours because I’m kinda doubting there’s any differences between them at all.
I need to be extra snarky for a moment:
Imagine if this was SEAS. This thread would be 100 posts of ripping them by now.

Ok. Done with snark.

I’m willing to bet they would say the things in the box is randomly picked and the value could be up to $130. Really it feels like they went into a warehouse and said “what do we have too much stock on.”
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