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Aug 9, 2010
This is the one thing I miss most from our trip. When it is 102* and the humidity is 98, frosted lemonade and the doorway at Festhaus is my 2 favorite things at the park excluding rides.
The frosted lemonade at the Pepsi shop by Alpengeist is the best in my opinion. But I'm with you, the frosted lemonade at the park is great.
I like that they now have Margaritas in Grogan's. :angel: HALLELUJAH! I even got a cute little plastic cup with coaster on it with my drink. Albeit the plastic cup did not have all BGW coasters on it; a trend I see on many of the merchandise items these days.
i love the frosted lemonade, the first time i had it i got it from the shop in france by the skyride and jumped on the skyride to cool down after a long time of waiting.
I know this thread is old, but the coke thread is closed so I figured this was the best place to answer my own question for others who haven't been to the park. The lemonade we all loved is no more. They now serve minute maid frozen lemonade which is a coke product and it is not quite as sweet and tart anymore. I had to switch over to cherry to suit my frozen needs:(
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