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Sep 23, 2009
The park is going to be adding 13 shade structures to Forest of Fun. I'm sure the parents are thankful.
Yeah, they already had a few in at the end of the season. And yes...we are thankful. It's feels like a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland there in the middle of the summer.
I do believe this would be the first time that Forest of Fun has been called anything like a "post-apocalyptic desert wasteland". :D
I see it as the last final conclusive endgame frontier. Place where no man has dare to go before. Legend tells of obnoxious red, blue, even green aliens and a mutant bird of an unknown gender. seriously is BB a boy or girl? Gay or Ugly, you tell me.
So, Fur Dozy, I'm guessing that you don't have your last your last BGW coaster credit yet... ;)
Not open for further replies.
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