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Sep 28, 2009
Got my 80's FIXX at the Busch Gardens Free Concert Series!!​

August 1, 2010​

Apparently my concert experiences thus far have either been plagued by insane heat or by miserable rain. Doesn't surprise me really; I am always the one to have bad luck when it comes to weather. Still, I cannot be more pleased by the amazing concerts I have seen at Busch Gardens this year!

This past Sunday I ventured out in the constant drizzle to near downpour to see a classic band from the 80's; the Fixx. OK you folks who were born after 1985, I understand you may have missed this great band; so sad for you. The Fixx is quintessential to any music collection. First they are British and second, they are absolutely New Wave; pure absolute glorious 80's New Wave! Ah~makes me want to go roller-skating just thinking about their music.

Seeing the original lead singer Cy Curnin and drummer Adam Woods out on stage made me squeal with delight. I was too poor and young to be allowed to see these folks in concert in the 80's and seeing them now was a dream come true. The band was awesome despite the rain keeping the crowds low which is pretty ironic considering the rain completely stopped when the band started playing. It is as if the clouds themselves wanted to hear the music! But you know, with classic songs like One thing leads to Another, Saved by Zero, Red Skies, Deeper and Deeper, Our We Ourselves, Sign of Fire, and Stand or Fall; I would have stood out in weather much worse in order to get the chance to hear these tunes played live!

Their synth sound; rock'n vocals, catchy rhythms, and ripp'n guitar riffs made my day. Right now, I still cannot believe I saw the Fixx live! Thanks Busch Gardens Entertainment for finding some of the best bands of the 80's and allowing us to experience these concerts in the World's Most Beautiful Theme Park. My hat is off to you all.

Now excuse me, I must go dig up and listen to my old LP Albums Shuttered Room and Reach the Beach from the Fixx and bask in the glory of finally seeing this band perform in person!



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Nora, you know that was the kick off for their tour. I really wish I could have been there. They're on First Wave on SiriusXM all the time. Love them. Wish I lived closer!
I have video. Although I must say the crowd cannot sing very well... eesh. The folks around me sounded like my dad singing happy birthday. Anyway, I have small clips of the band singing Red Skies.

Chris, what is your say on concert video? Is there a place to post it?

Oh I almost forgot... Cy said "Now for those who like to go retro.." I shouted "ALWAYS!!" he laughed and smiled at me and said .."I like that answer"..... I felt like a little giggly girl again. Also, I umm... pretend to drum all the time when I listen to music I like... Adam must have saw me air drumming because after the concert was over he walked around the drums and waved right to me and nodded with a smile. So cool!

Anyway, I wish you could have made it too; they sounded fantastic!
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