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Bitten and This should be combined like how the other two were. (I said "other two" because I can't remember their names to save my life. :p)
They can be, that would help bring it "closer" to the beaten path somewhat. But also keep in mind guests have the option to skip the first and move on to the second.

Back when they had Bitten, Hunted, and Harvest Hollow for the first or second year? I asked if I could just skip Bitten and go straight to Hunted and Harvest Hollow and the team member was like sure go ahead.

If they were connected like so, my proposed queue can follow the actual pathway and just be themed up.
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So basically, you're suggesting that they wait in on queue
and at some point in the queue they take one path or the other,
and that determines which house they go to?
^Not exactly. What I am saying is, either they can have one queue line and then go through Bitten and then the reinvented maze right after or request to skip to the reinvented maze. This is what they did with Bitten/Hunted/harvest Hollow.


They can have two separate queues for each house.
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