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I still haven't rode this one due to mechanical issues.Also, what theming was removed from the ride and line from when it switched from Tomb Raider:Fire Fall to the Crypt?(I bought The original Tomb Raider game so then I can look for those things left behind and figure out the old story line for the ride was.) I brought back a thread from the dead.
Hi Jr.,

I think the changes made to the ride during its conversion to the Crypt were fairly minimal. I think there were some ancient artifact-like props in the queue that were replicas from the movie, and there was also a pre-show that tied the ride into the movie and set the story. I don't know much about the story, but I think the ride is supposed to be like an extra part to the actual movie's plot (wherein you get to experience the movie yourself so-to-speak).

It seems like all of the effects, sounds, music, and props on the ride itself were not changed (at least not noticeably) from the original incarnation. Of course, the entrance was also changed to reflect the new name.

The thing about this ride, not unlike most of the former Paramount rides, is that the theme is virtually unchanged, only the immediate Paramount references and names were removed. Also, the restaurant currently known as Trail's End Grill was called Tomb Raider Grill during the ride's premier until Cedar Fair's purchase of the park.

Also, I definitely recommend you try this ride. The effects are great; an amazing theming feat for a flat ride. I wish I could have gotten the chance to try Kings Island's indoor version before it bit the bullet, as that would have made it almost dark ride-esque.

Also, it's worth noting that the restraints on this ride can prove rather...erm...uncomfortable for us males, if you know what I mean. Be sure to wear your cup!!
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There was virtually no change other than name. Minimal. Now the Kings Island version... that was TOTALLY changed; for shame. Wish I had rode it.

It really WAS a dark ride, a super unique take on a Top Spin or any flat ride for that matter.
As seen in the last update, The Crypt was missing the entire ride gondola this weekend, therefore it cannot open until it's reinstalled, it's inspected, tested, and operators are trained. As a result, The Crypt will not be reopening for the 2014 season until mid-May, which is the same as Hurler.
Looks like The Crypt is having a rough season so far. Maintenance was all over it yesterday, and the entire area around it was fenced off and guarded by park security. It opened up briefly yesterday late in the afternoon before going down again.

You can see maintenance in some sort of cherry picker vehicle working on the arm. They were somehow controlling it from there, moving the carriage up and down, but not in full, normal operation.
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Nicole said:
I included one in the post, more than likely whatever computer you're on does not support Imgur for photo sharing.
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Love this ride!


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Definitely underrated. As Alpenghost pointed out yesterday, the theming is definitely in need of an update. The fire wasn't even working yesterday!
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