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Aug 23, 2017
Hey guys, I'm working on a calculator to help show the true cost of the various different Platinum Passes. I'll continue to edit this post as I make progress. I know many of you , including myself have been looking to other parks passes to determine the viability.

Here are the caveats I've found based on fine print:

  • Sesame Place Pass is (supposedly) not offered to VA,TX,CA,or FL residents.
  • FL Platinum is (supposedly) ONLY offered to FL residents
  • All Passes are officially required to be activated at the home park for first use. This may or may not actually be required. YMMV.

None of the Prices or discounts are guaranteed to be 100% accurate, and some are probably inaccurate. This is only an aid for deciding which pass might be best for you. The best choice might vary depending on your individual situation.

Link to the Calculator Here (WIP)

How it works:

  • Each park's benefits are summarized at the top. I only included the comparable benefits, and listed some of the major extras at the bottom.
  • The discounts for merch and food are applied Chain-wide at the same rate.
  • Discounts for Tours are only applied at home parks.(This is based on online availability, in person discounts may vary.)
  • Photos count either at the merch rate, or free if there is an applicable photo key.

What I need:

  • Discount percentages for QQ and tours at all parks. These can be found by logging into the home park website for any pass. Values confirmed are in green. This is what I have so far:
    • BGW-15% off QQ/Tours, %50 off animal tours
    • BGT/SWO-10% off QQ/Tours
    • SP-No Discounts
    • SWSD-50% off Tours, ??% off QQ
    • SWSA-30%off Tours/QQ
  • Verification that the discounts work for food and merch at non-home parks for those with passes from:
    • BGW
    • BGT/SWO
    • SWSD
    • SP
  • Information on in person availability for the listed discounts
  • Specific details on some bring a friend tickets
  • Prices for Certain purchases such as photos and merch
What needs to be Done:
  • Support for separate QQ prices
  • Support for bring a friend tickets
  • Table of common purchases to help estimate in park spending.
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