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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Any idea where this will be located in SC? I’d assume somewhere near Coconut Shores.
For a park and chain as a whole that seems to be moving towards adding experiences rather than rides now, I feel like KD should try to add more permanent shows that are in proper venues. I realize currently they only have one indoor *proper* theater, but I've heard more and more real estate keeps opening up. A good show would draw in more people than the sort of pop up music stands that have been utilized recently(although I appreciate them having them instead of just not having any live entertainment/streetmosphere)
I never know what’s going on in that theater. It appears to just be there. Shows on outdoor stages you can’t help but notice.
If they don't play Jimmy Buffet all is lost.

Between him, beach boys, whomever does Wipeout, and Bob Marley is about what my expectations are. Probably will also see a little country and pop thrown in because why not.
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