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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Maybe I'm in the minority, but encountering itchy insects at park's can ruin my visit, and sometimes the following week, too.  Last year I was forced to interact with ticks, mosquitos, and wasps.  It appears that my miniature enemies are already invading some of my favorite places to spend my free time this year.

I decided to put this thread in the Amusement Industry sub-forum, because I believe it is a problem that plagues multiple parks and chains.

The specific incident that motivated me to say something took place at SeaWorld Orlando yesterday.  We were there to check out the Seven Seas Food Festival.  The food was mixed, and unfortunately, so was the company.

Sitting on the Spice Mill patio, I began to notice that I was under seige by Florida's most prevalent airborne wildlife: swarms of mosquitos.

Before all y'all roll your eyes, and say "I bet you saw an alligator, too," yes, I am aware that mosquitos are part of any Florida experience.  I have personally, however, never had a problem at any of the Florida parks.  Historically, they have all been almost bug-free.  I think they treat the water or something.  

Regardless, for the first time my friends all exited SWO with itchy red welts as a special, free souvenir.

Anyway, my real purpose was to warn everyone to use bug spray at SWO this year.
Florida insects this time of year are horrible.  Luckily for me, mosquitos don't bite me. I'm not sure why but I'm fine with it.  And I've been to SeaWorld, Disney and BGT and seen them annoy the hell out of people.  If you go to the WDW resort they have tables throughout each park where you can apply bug repellent for free.  They have them in huge bottles with pumps.  However, I haven't seen these at any other park chain there so at places like SeaWorld, Universal and BGT you would need to come prepared.

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I was surprised to encounter some biting flies at BGW yesterday in Ireland. I've never had a problems with any bugs at BGW before. I'm hoping it was a just fluke due to all the recent rains.
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I think the point is that historically the parks have been very successful in eliminating most of the biting and stinging insects. There is a legitimate danger of the spread of disease.

Also, itchiness and pain.
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I guess the lyrics to "The Blackfly Song" that plays in New France are actually pretty relevant here:
And the black flies, the little black flies
Always the black fly, no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly a-picking my bones
In north on-tar-i-o-i-o, in north on-tar-i-o


It was black fly, black fly everywhere
A-crawlin' in your whiskers, a-crawlin' in your hair
A-swimmin' in the soup, and a'swimmin in the tea
Oh the devil take the black fly and let me be


And the black flies, the little black flies
Always the black fly, no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly a-picking my bones
In north on-tar-i-o-i-o, in north on-tar-i-o

By the way, black flies are large flies that bite and feed on the blood of mammals, not unlike horse flies. Yuck.
[split] Forum Software Bug Reports

I have been noticing swarms of beetles at both KD and BGW all of a sudden. They look like Japanese beetles but smaller, and have a habit of clinging to clothes and hair. Icky. And I've never experienced them in previous years.

Anyone else notice them?
We have been at KD all day, and have encountered swarms of flying predators all over the park. I honestly can't say whether they were bees, wasps, yellow jackets, or some combination. I just know evil, stinging monsters are literally everywhere. We also ran into huge clouds of what looked like tiny, white gnats.

KD seriously needs to do something about their massive bug problem. The industry in general knows how to manage insect populations.

Unless it is just a way to turn everything into one, big scare zone.
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No bug problem beats the midges & mayflys in the summer at Cedar Point. The line at the mine car coaster at night is the worst...despite the bevy of yellow "bug" lights illuminating the queue...they swarm everywhere. You literally won't have a second where there aren't dozens of them on you, in your mouth, ears, eyes, etc.

I once asked a friend from OH who went to CP annually about the bugs. She said, "what bugs?" ????

Um, these guys:

So by comparison BGW's bugs have never bothered me. Besides, I think an almanac somewhere is predicting a cold, wet winter... so that should kill them off. :)
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Yes! Those disgusting things were everywhere! I had multiple of those flies smack into my on coasters. I noticed that the coaster trains were clean each morning, but by evening their fronts were covered in splattered bugs, which I thought was hilarious.
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