The BGWFans Almanac (Most Recent: March 2014)

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Sep 8, 2010
RE: The BGWFans Almanac

Party Rocker pid=93327 dateline=1393556795 said:
Well an actual almanac is released once a year and predicts the weather for the entire year. While I don't think BGWFans has a meteorologist on staff, it could give a general idea of what to expect in whole for the month rather than specific days. Such as, in March you can expect it to be quite cold, with some occasionally warm days. Wind also seems to be picking up during this month. Just to get a general idea.
Yes, no one here is a meteorologist, and 9/10 times weather services are wrong anyway.

But you want the upcoming month?


BGW Eggspert
Sep 23, 2009
Newport News, VA
Glad you all liked it so much!

pandorazboxx said:
Useful info, good format, nice and simple. I'd say put it in a prominent position on the front page.
(Y) Good idea- I'll look into doing so.

chickenking said:
What about possibly adding some Meet-Up Thread dates to this page; at least for those that seem to have enthusiasm with a lot of Forum Member participation?
Eh, any larger, organized meetups centered around an event or something will get listed, but anything beyond those likely won't be.
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